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Snow Day!!!!!

2018-11-14, 9:12 p.m.

So as of last night when I wrote last night’s entry, it was publicly announced that everything was going to be opened again except PE classes or something. Oh, and they were offering free bus rides even though the students get them free anyway. I was all “figures,” and went to bed.

Eventually this morning I looked online and OH HEY THERE HAS BEEN CONTROVERSY between now and then, and some very quickly and frequently signed angry petition and complaints from the school senate, and predictions of the air being even worse today... so right before seven, it was announced that the chancellor had changed his mind and almost all of campus was closed except for health services, dorms and the library.* They did not exactly clarify what “closed” meant and that has never happened here in 20 years (even during the week between Christmas and New Year's they do not close). So I called New Boss at 7:30 before leaving and she said they were still trying to figure out what “closed” meant and since I live close by, to stay home and wait and she’ll get back to me. She called back at 8:30 and said to stay home!

* I feel officially sorry for the folks I know who work there, but even they were later told to go home by 2.

I imagine everyone but me was in the office this morning since most commute from other towns, complaining loudly. But hah hah, I was not. I immediately got back into my jammies and then sweats and was all “muahahahah, I don’t have to do ANYTHING today!” Like go to the meeting I wasn’t particularly looking forward to at 8 a.m. which I presume will be all about training me in every single aspect of the office again so I can answer phones (sigh).

I think what they need to do--not that I plan on signing up for Twitter to inform anyone of this--is that they need to check the predicted air quality, or the air quality in general, and around 5 or 6 a.m. (I don’t want to be woken that early by a text, but there’s a ton of early birds here who are arriving at 6 for fun) make the call. If the air quality is at 150 or above (note: the prediction for tomorrow is that it is still over 150), then close. Well, let’s hope that someone figures that out soon, this is new territory for everybody.

They eventually put out an FAQ that explained what “closed” means, since that’s never happened before even during the week between Christmas and New Year's, that we will all get paid (SCORE, not even having to use vacation time for that!), that campus remains closed until they tell you otherwise. Also that they specifically don’t want ANY reason for anyone to come to campus so no academics can be done (and uh, the library should close), that they will NOT make the term run longer and professors will have to figure out how to deal with their course work on their own, and all exams are canceled.

If I was in school right now I’d be doing the Home Alone run around the house screaming thing big time. Okay, my place is too small for that, but still!

THIS IS LIKE A SNOW DAY! I’ve never had one before! This is super exciting to me!!!!!

So I lounged around catching up on my superhero television for a few hours and reading a choose-your-own-adventure romance novel. Then realized that I was about to run out of a prescription oh, today, and since hey, I don’t have to make arrangements to leave work to do this, I can do that! So I went to Kaiser, which was no more or less filled or crazy than usual. I would have expected more drama going on there, but no. Then I went home and...

Well, usually on a nice enough day, I’d go answer the siren song of OUTSIDE and be hiking around for 2 hours again. But since I’m not supposed to be doing that today...I actually cleaned my house for awhile and took out the trash and am going through all the magazines in the house to trash or give away. I should be job hunting, but....yeah, still not doing that. I am working on a vision board instead since I got a library book for that. I am also watching Netflix Christmas movies, but I think I’ll save those reviews for slow days during Holidailies. (Spoiler alert: I generally liked that Holiday Calendar one!)

And then tonight I rearranged my entire tiny closet spaces to put away the summer clothes and get out the winter ones, and picked out clothes to get rid of. I now have an avalanche of clothes to take to the SPCA or wherever, but I have no boxes to put them in to take them there, darn it. (And I may need to get them out of the house before my mom's around this weekend because she does everything she can to hamper me at getting rid of anything.) It's a ton of clothes and I still have a lot around the house I don't want to get rid of, like the souvenir T-shirt collection. Even though most of those live in big ol' bags on the closet shelves because I don't have the space to hang them or put them in drawers now. Argh. I have such deja vu about moving again.

I’m kind of ridiculously excited today. SNOW DAAAAAAAAAAAAAY IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even being stuck in my house all day when it’s not raining has actually been rather fun.

Though seriously, I am really confused looking on the air quality website. At 4 p.m. it was saying right now it was “unhealthy for sensitive groups” here, then I tried looking again on another page and it was “unhealthy” and now it says “very unhealthy” when I tried looking at where my nearest relatives live* about 45 minutes to an hour away from me. I’m very confused as to why that area (and for that matter, my hometown, which is a lot farther down from fires) have it in the 200’s. I guess it makes sense if you’re higher up Highway 50, but my hometown? Should be interesting during mandatory phone call time with Mom tonight.

(Disclaimer: I am sorry for everyone else who is on fire, asthmatic, etc. I’m sure my relatives are having a fucking peachy time this week since a lot of the ones that live within an hour of me have asthma, and I’ll get to hear about it come the family party on Saturday. There is unfortunately nothing anyone can do about any of that, though, so I am looking on the bright side when it comes to me personally.)

Oh, while I was typing this, I just got notified that they are staying closed for tomorrow! They assume they will be opening again on Friday since it’s predicted to not suck so hard then and will let everyone know by 5 p.m. Thursday.

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