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Snow Day 3

2018-11-16, 8:16 p.m.

So I have been out of work Thursday and Friday as well, so it's been happy lazy times around here. Why get dressed, y'all? I am sleeping well and Netflix and crafting. I caught up on Daredevil, I watched some more questionable holiday movies to review during Holidailies later, and now I am watching Greenleaf, which you probably haven't heard of but it's a Oprah church soap opera featuring a rapist, a suicide, a closeted gay guy, a cheater, a cop who accidentally shot someone, blackmail, and young teenagers getting high at the lock-in, I shit you not.

I did have one weird moment today of someone POUNDING HARD AS SHIT on my door and when I was forced to open it because I was afraid of what they might do if I did not, there was some random dude I did not know (it wasn't management or Kenny the repair guy) who apparently has the only respirator to be found in the town saying, "Pilot light?" Now, my heater here hasn't worked since I moved into this apartment and they didn't bother to light the pilot light last year, which I didn't end up caring too much about since we don't have central heat and my old heater just heated the ceiling of the living room anyway. This apartment is actually not that cold as long as you don't go by the windows, so it's been fine. Meanwhile, since I cleaned out my gallery show I've had some of the stuff piled by the heater. I said I had stuff there and the stranger was all "you're not supposed to have ANYTHING by the heater!" I know, I know, but if the damn thing doesn't heat, who cares? So I said I had to clean it out and he disappeared, never to be heard from again. Of course.

It occurred to me after the fact that I didn't know this guy, nor did he introduce himself or anything, and I probably shouldn't have like, had him come into the apartment.... So yeah, that might have been someone shifty. I don't know. But...whatever.

I had Mom call the relatives to see how they were doing and/or if they were canceling the party this weekend. Apparently my aunt has a mask and is doing fine despite the asthma, the asthmatic conditions of everyone else was not reported back to me. The baby's birthday party is still on, but I'm told that the rented bouncy house, well, they're going to try to inflate it INSIDE the house. I think this sounds highly unlikely to work but will be delighted to see it if they manage it.

I heard from both old and new boss today--sounds like my timesheet is fine with the latter, and the former sent me a photo of the Han Solo lego in his new office. Aww, that's nice.

Weather quality seems to get varying reports between "omg over 300" and "oh, just over 150," depending on when and where I am looking. It's very confusing. The general guess right now in the news is that *maybe* it'll be less bad next weekend if it rains, but it doesn't sound like anyone thinks it's improving within the next seven. Mom asked if I was driving down Wednesday night and I said between the traffic, the smoke fog and possible rain, no, I was not driving down Wednesday night in all of that. If I have to drive in rain (I still haven't been able to figure out how to change the windshield wipers out but I got one loose...uh-oh) or huge fog, I at least want to do it in daylight hours.

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