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I Have No Good Title For This One, Screw It

2020-11-16, 9:10 p.m.

Work: I am an idiot. I somehow logged into the test system and not the production system and then spent the morning going "Why did half the records disappear?" compared what was going on with mine to Hope's, filmed it to submit to tech support, rebooted the computer...and then oh yeah, apparently somehow I was in the test system. And the thing last week I was sure wasn't me? OF COURSE IT WAS ME. I am a goddamned idiot and everything I do is wrong.

Reports from the meetings today: Meeting #1: Grandboss, who has traveled to yet another state again: "My pod is 25 people over 3 states and I go for at least 3 weeks and then I self-quarantine..." Also, she said that all the toilet paper is gone in Washington again and "I do travel with my own toilet paper and paper towels, but I've always done that..." My boss went to the mall this weekend and discovered that Santa was at Bass Pro Shops, with a face shield on. Lioness once again said she was making jokes or else she'd just cry a lot. I hear ya.

Meeting #2 was with our Important Documents Vendor, which has many cool things that we cannot afford! However, we are allowed to get the one free one, so there's that. Regarding mailing things internationally, our vendor also finds the entire process clearly a pain in the ass, and said with regards to mailing, "Let's not judge anything by 2020, it's been a nightmare." I also found out that if we ever were allowed to ship with tracking numbers, it's three times our current price for shipping. Well, that answers that question. The vendor deals with 1000 giant orgs and 5 million people wanting Important Documents. She also agreed that (Country That Makes Me Effing Crazy Every Effing Day) "is the black hole of delivery, I don't care where you live." She said that 95% of our international client complaints would go away if we just got electronic documents....which we are never going to get the money for, so. She also grumbled that "I've learned more about the apostille process than I EVER wanted to know in the last five years," and "half the countries demanding this didn't even sign off with The Hague in the first place in1962." Sounds like my job.

Meeting #3 was a "town hall" with BigBigBoss, who says we are clear to work from home until the end of winter, but now is the time to start considering having people come back....OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, CAN'T WE WAIT UNTIL A VACCINE STARTS BEING DISTRIBUTED?!?! Be sure to mention your preference to your supervisor! And no, we haven't really discussed that whole "you can work from home forever" thing we mentioned awhile back. Someone wants to be reimbursed for Internet/electricity use from home--good luck with that.

Oh, if you didn't get the flu vaccine and don't plan on going to the giant org offices (*cough*Lioness*cough*), that's your choice. No, we don't know when flu season ends.

He sang the joys of curtailment because for once, you don't have to spend a lot of time catching up with everyone else who was still working. "I want everyone to take care of themselves." We won't have a window like this again. He then said the official Curtailment For All Giant Orgs program is going to get confirmed in six weeks and "You will be asked to take some days without pay" based on scale/employment grade. He may lose 15-20 days without pay. Entry level may be asked to take 1 day without pay. Uh, that last bit is shameful, and not what I saw in the guidelines anyway.

We got lectured to take care of ourselves...y'know, you gotta deal with that on your own. He claims to "shut down" one day a week "even though you see something from me." Huh? (In other news, our lovely temp who became his assistant has now gotten another job....a part-time one, notably. I wonder if it's genuinely bad to have to work for him?)

We had the "we need to hire people" vs "we will be budget cut out the wazoo" conversations again. Can we just get more efficient? (Hahahahahah.) But so far, no layoffs yet.

In other news, I had lunch with Eva again and we crafted through, she's still making adorable book nooks that look like Victorian homes out of wood. She also described my job as "more Kakfaesque" than hers. Hah.

I saw Reggie outside briefly--his birthday was a "drunken blur." He did say seeing me come out made his day since I haven't been out in two weeks due to the play. He mentioned seeing my green screen up, which made me go "Huh? Since when the heck were you walking past at night when I had that up?" He also knocked on my door while working, but y'know, I was working and I'm still not opening the door for people. I told him I'll talk to him later when it's not raining anyway.

And now here I am, home alone, nothing to do but walk around the house for 90 minutes and avoid who the hell ever has been walking around, knocking on doors and talking in the halls. Dude, NO. (I don't quite think it's Reggie.)

In other news, we and 94% of California are now officially in purple tier, which really shouldn't surprise anyone and yet here we are. The gym closes today and the Craft Center also closes even though as far as I know they didn't really get to open in the first place. It figures.

But....second vaccine! Which is even more effective and slight less fussy than the other one! Three good pieces of news in November this year!

I made the entry for the rainbow stripey bolero.

Meg is also back from Boston and her daughter is well enough from her stroke to go back to work tomorrow! HUZZAH!!!! She wants to Zoom tomorrow.

I watched the new crew members joining tonight and they're all hugging!!!!! In space! But seriously, once again I am just grateful those people didn't blow up.

I am watching yet another Pick A Card (#2). Hermit card, you've been waiting for them to come around, you're almost at the end of your patience on that. Some marriage cards come up. You waited so long you were almost at the verge of giving up--well, yes, that is how I feel. "You have this ideology in your heart that you need to give up." TOTALLY TRUE! "because you've had to be so patient for what you wanted" and everyone else is getting what they want and you aren't. "You feel like you're begging the universe for scraps."

The Temperance card has a unicorn--it's so rare, it took a long time to find another unicorn to have that baby, but it was worth it. You want to give up, you want to lock your heart away, but that's when shifting is going to happen.... "You do have a future in this connection." Marriage after a period of patience. She claims it will happen fast, when you least expect it. "Workaholic" comes up, HAHAHAHAHAH. "Calling In Your Soulmate" comes up. "Don't sink into despair before you even get all of the information." "Spirit wants you to stay hopeful, don't let that light go out." Pisces fish came up. Movement will happen when you least expect it. "Don't give up when things seem hopeless, that's when things come through!"

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