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A New Potential Friend

2016-11-19, 10:31 p.m.

I managed to successfully pre-game life last week by booking an in-person therapy appointment (something I rarely do, I'm usually doing lunchtime phone calls) after the election, on my day off from work. So good job me, there. Anyway, while I was in there, my shrink got a bright idea. One of her clients mentioned looking for somebody for a state job--something people mention to me a lot as Something I Should Do--AND she was also looking for a roommate for the hippie con I've been known to go to (albeit not for a few years now).

Apparently, the one legal loophole for introducing one's clients to each other is if job hunting is involved. Good to know. Anyway, she asked if I was interested in the job and heavily hinted I should say yes, so...fine. So she called the girl, got permission for me to contact her ABOUT THE JOB and maybe other things, and gave me her information. I attempted texting her about this over the previous weekend, when I was busy with relatives. Turned out the job was being an accountant trainee, something I'd be totally qualified for except for the fact that I know nothing about accounting. And by the time I got to talk to her in person, the job had already closed. But that's fine, I can get tips on state job hunting from her anyway, and got some.

My shrink was right, we hit it off in many a way, so we arranged to meet up Saturday afternoon after I hit the Harvest Festival. We had a good time, I met her adorable service dog and talked about dog training, hippie stuff, pasts, interests, and wandered through a Weird Stuff Store, which was fun. We shall hopefully get together again before the con starts to hang out, huzzah!

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