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2011-11-20, 10:47 p.m.

Oh, how I wish I could comment on what's going on at my work. But guess what, we all know how doocing works and I am going to be keeping my mouth shut except on places where things are more net-secure. Those of you who have figured out where I live know of what I speak.

Oh, it's not going to be a fun week, even if it's short.

I was asked if I was protesting/interested in doing so this weekend. I said no. I have a relative who is a cop and I would never hear the fucking end of it if he ever found out that I got arrested for anything, so I stay out of everything. Plus there are uh, other reasons that you can figure out.

So yeah, no juicy entries here for awhile. At least not in public. The notify list may get some details here and there.

Other than that, the news from this weekend, in which I was in the Bay Area:

* My mom's friend totally ragged on Mom for forcing me into the Turkey Trot, saying that even if technically Mom offered me an out saying I didn't have to go, COME THE FUCK ON. I was amused as all hell. This conversation also happened on BART and I felt so sorry for the poor bastard sitting behind her having to hear this stuff. The expression on his face was cracking me up.

* Speaking of BART: I was on it this weekend-- mom and her friend went window shopping in SF and I went shopping with Jackie at REI farther in. Getting home, however, was a real bitch because someone committed suicide on the tracks at 24th and Mission this afternoon and I guess it took them several hours to uh, clean up. It took me most of an hour to get out of south SF and the trains were the most horrendous I've ever seen (note: there was a 49ers game on). Mom and her friend were shocked, I was all, "Eh, this is pretty much like riding on a bus in the winter except we're not all being yelled at to take off our backpacks and get really friendly with each other."

Sadly enough, if you look for "BART suicide" on Google you don't even find today's yet...but a lot of other ones. Oy.

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