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Two Movies I Wouldn't Normally See

2018-11-20, 10:51 p.m.

I would just like to announce, because I am super proud of this, that I finally, after like 3 weeks of trying to figure it out, reading Internet instructions and watching videos and shit like that, figured out how to change out my windshield wipers right before the pouring rain is about to start and I am going to have to drive in it. I don't like fiddling with shit I don't know how to monkey with in case I break it (example: Mom breaking my sunroof) and it was not budging, but I finally managed to get the darn things off and on and locked on. WHEW.

The weather has been better the last few days--still dubbed "unhealthy" but most of the time you're not smelling smoke and the haze isn't as obvious. So that's nice. I bet schools wish they hadn't pre-emptively canceled classes this week (too late now because lemme tell you, everyone's GONE) now, eh?

I spent most of my day hanging out with Jamie and her mom (and later her dad). I got to watch a few Doctor Who episodes, which I greatly enjoyed. I also ended up seeing two movies I normally would not have seen on my own recognizance.

Jamie's mom wanted to see The Crimes of Grindelwald (note: turns out both Jamie and I had NOT seen the preceding movie, I figured she had!) and we were all, ok, so we went. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be from having read reviews on the Internet, I'll put it that way. I mostly enjoyed the acting (though I'm pretty sick of Johnny Depp now) except for whoever plays Tina, who was just boring as hell. I was more into Jacob and Queenie, until their end anyway. I liked Newt and his creatures, that was very cute. Lela was intriguing. I have always been a mild HP fan and kinda tuned out on the books after book 7 and the movies somewhere around book 5, so I can't super comment on the stuff I've read online about this one throwing previously set things asunder. Other than "well, I guess if you got a phoenix..." but otherwise I concur there's some shit outta nowhere.

As for the other: Jamie insisted on putting on some Netflix movie she and her dad heard about NPR (her dad wanted to see it), "The Legend of Buster Scruggs." This is six Western stories randomly put together with no tie-ins between any of them. The first two stories are at least somewhat entertaining. "Buster Scruggs" is a random white-wearing gunshooter and singer who shoots extremely fast and does songs and dances and at one point he kicks in a table and causes a guy to shoot himself and then sings about the death of him. That was a delight. Then eventually Buster himself is shot and flies off to heaven, singing, and I was all "That is not the direction I would have thought he'd end up in." The second one features James Franco trying to rob a bank and getting foiled at it by a wily bank teller, then being set up to be hanged, barely managing to escape that, getting rescued, then getting caught and hanged for good this time. ("First time?" he says to the crying guy next to him.)

After those two, I would say to stop watching because holy fuck the third one (about a gold miner) was slow as shit and dull as shit except for about fifteen seconds of it, and uh, it did not really pick up from there. I can't even remember what the fourth was now, I started reading stuff off my phone instead. I was slightly interested in the long but slightly more interesting story about a girl who loses her brother on the Oregon Trail, until the ending, which sucked. Most of this is unhappy endings, so you know. The final one features a bunch of people arguing in a stagecoach, which reminded me of last week's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend "Trapped in a Car" song. I think everyone but her dad was bored at that point. After that, I went home.

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