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Merry Kwanzaa!

2019-11-20, 10:03 p.m.

Today I showed the 2nd in command a box of dicks and then later we talked about duck rape! That’s all I have to say about work today!


The most memorable bit of the night for me was overhearing Scott say, when William made some reference about “your lady:” “I have no lady. Not yet, anyway.”

This was my reaction:

I don’t know where that came from out of the fucking blue, but that’s about as hopeful as I’ve ever heard him be on that topic since the night of July 30 when he was basically all never ever ever about it. You know damn well he knows I heard it and wrote it down...but then, of course, Cameron was also in the room for that one and make of that what you will.

In other news, I said the f-bomb in front of small children again and nobody cared or even noticed. The third Scott in this company that I never worked with who did the photos brought them in and I look lovely in mine. It’s very cute.

I am working on my yarn newsletter, the Thanksgiving edition, and I dug up my old turkey hat to photograph it earlier in the day. I decided to bring it to rehearsal to show Germaine.

Quotes and activities:

“The musical stylings of Abner.” -Robert

Cameron on her TnT bling: “Someday I will live it down.”

“I’m a red ninja.” -me, trying on the ski mask I am making for Matthew, which looks like Spider Man.

“You want me to insult you, but I don’t have any.” -William to Cameron

“Apparently I come standard, I apparently don’t shut down, they wind me down and put me in a closet.” -Cameron on doing 6 shows with this company now.

“Don’t die. Life motto.” -Cameron

“I have you, Alexis. Don’t hurt me.” -William
“Not yet.” -Alexis

“My dream is to be opposite Germaine someday. She said she’d do it, but it has to be the right role.” -William

“Do you think Tiny Tim had blue nail polish?” -Gail to Abner (who at one point plays Tiny Tim).
“He’s just not getting enough oxygen.” -Eliza, his mom

“Would you mind following me around so you can answer questions?” -William to Scott (obvious Ravenclaw).

“I don’t exist. I could be a figment of your imagination.” -Cameron

“We know I’m 5(?) pounds of crazy in a 2 pound bag.” -Scott (note: the numbers may be off, me writing quickly is hard to read)

“It sounds fine....”
“It’s bloody awful.” -William and Scott on the Bieber song.

“Everyone come together and scream in the spirit of peace and harmony.” -me

“Keep your food safe, build a pickle fort.” No idea who said that one.

“We’re divas, we don’t take pictures well.” -William on how he and Trent missed photo day.

Why did Dona bring her collection of shoes today?
“Because she’s awesome.” -William
“Because she’s auditioning for Imelda Marcos.” -Robert

“Just Sharpie out 2 of the stars.” -Robert on our lack of an authentic 1930’s flag that should have 48 stars.

“For once we’re short on Gentile boys!” -me on the line “couldn’t they find a Gentile boy?”

“He knows a lot of weird little things.” -Dona on Jesse (her husband).

“They call me handsome because I can do anything. Even if I look stupid.” -Jayden

“I look like I’m going to murder someone.” -Josie on her photo.

“Excuse me while I kill you with my coat.” -Cameron

William has red nail polish on. He also wants to be a Pilgrim and raises his hand to volunteer for it.-

“Pilgrims, when you say Happy Thanksgiving, I don’t believe you. Do you want us to have a happy Thanksgiving?” -Anita
”No.” -kid
“I’ve been to that Thanksgiving.” -Cameron

“There are 14 of you. Why is it when you walk onstage, I don’t hear a peep?” -Anita
“Meanwhile, backstage...” -Trent
“What kind of noise wold be heavy?” -Anita
(one kid quietly makes “aaaaaaaaah” noise)
“They’re all Tarzan.” -William
“Make people make noise when you come on. Kids, make more noise.” -Anita
“Something they never hear in the rest of their life.” -me

“I’m festive, for a Jew.” -Cameron on her red blouse in the second act.

“I’m bringing a torch!” -Scott runs around the room while “Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella” is rehearsed with the kids.
“If you just got the Statue of Liberty one....” -me

“How is this a Christmas song?”
“I don’t know.” -me and Robert on Jeanette, Isabella.

Robert grabs some of the extra hair cut off Jesus’s beard and tries it as a mustache. “How do I look?”
“It’s like a dead rat on your face.” -me
“I approve. I don’t care if these ladies laugh at you.” -William
“Does this look convincing enough?” -Robert
“No.” -me. I whip out my phone to take a picture, he doesn’t want me to. “If it’s not good enough to be photographed....”

“How much more trouble could you be in than in a Christmas play?” -Cameron

Scott loses it when he sees Mary pull her pillow out from under her dress.
“I don’t want you to face the audience when you’re giving birth.” -Anita to Josie (Mary)

“This is the theater, anything can happen! Let’s do Hamlet!” -Cameron

“I hear there’s some Oscar buzz about my performance.” -Robert
“I myself respond to the bearded lady.” -Cameron

Robert says Santa was born with a beard. “He is like Athena, he came fully formed.” -Cameron

“I’m 8 as well.” -William.

“Drew” (stage manager) “is such a hunk. We need to get him a wife. You don’t like him?” -William
“No!” -Josie
“How old are you, 8? Ten years, you’ll be his bride.” -William

“Merry Kwanzaa!” -Trent

In kiss scene news, Cameron is now wearing high heels for it, which seems to make her as tall as me (without heels). I always think she’s taller than me, somehow. And Scott the photographer asked if they were married...but I guess he just meant the characters. Uh-huh.

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