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Separation Anxiety

2005-11-21, 9:02 a.m.

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The weekend...had some fun moments, had some irritating ones. Well, it was more along the lines of starting and ending badly, but the middle was good.

I took Friday off from work to...wait for UPS again. A certain friend of mine is kind of a pain in the ass to shop for. Like, she gives me a list of stuff she wants, and then goes off and buys half of it for herself IMMEDIATELY. And I'd ordered one thing as a surprise, but stupid me, she'd already bought that for herself too... and I found that out after the damned thing had shipped.

I figured eh, I'll just work on the novel and after it shows up, I can go to the movies... so naturally, UPS doesn't show until after 4:30 p.m. So much for matinee. Though now I have a Wallace and Gromit Were-Rabbit that is bigger than my head. And he does NOT actually stand up on the base they sent me either. I decided to bring him to work to scare people.

And speaking of scaring people at work, I got a screaming berry pink fake Christmas tree to bring into the office. Sadly, so far nobody has noticed.

We were having a special NaNo write-in on Friday to accomodate this one girl from the Bay Area...who naturally ended up having her car break down on the day of and couldn't come. Now, I hadn't wanted to have this meeting in the first place because there was a one-night-only improv show I wanted to go to. But considering that (a) I'm pretty much running the Davis side because I'm the only old-timer left and (b) suddenly other people decided that they WANTED to meet on Friday nights, I got outvoted. But after this chick said she couldn't go, I got fairly irritated that it was too late to cancel the dang thing, nor could I (in all good conscience) just "fake sick" and not show up so I could go to the show.

But that said... I wrote over 8,000 words in four hours. Which is a record for me. I went from around 30,000 to 39,000 in one night. Dayum. Then I promptly skipped writing for the rest of the weekend so as to prevent carpal tunnel. All things considered, this is the year I've skipped the most days on NaNo, have pretty much only written on write-in nights or the day I was stuck waiting for Mom's furniture... and yet, this might be the fastest I've ever finished.

Go figure.

I spent most of the weekend at the movies, but most of that (i.e. reviews and such) was blabbed at over at the blog. I enjoyed all of them, but will have special warm and fuzzy feelings in my heart forever for Goblet of Fire and Walk the Line. The latter makes me want to dig up Johnny Cash's autobiographies. I also did a little book-shopping for the first time in months (yes, really) and went to the CC to attempt to make a giant glass plate for someone's Christmas present. Which went horribly, horribly wrong. Nothing like spending $20 on large pieces of glass only to have them break on you the entire fucking time. No wonder I like to work on SMALL things. I'm now trying to make the one big plate into four small ones, but given how much trouble that glass is giving me, I have my doubts. Trying to grind that stuff gets me covered in so much glass powder I look like I've snorted an assload of coke, and I think it's starting to break the grinder to boot. ("Jennifer, are you trying to break that?")

Now, you might have noticed that the CC (with the grinding and all), and the movies, are places where one er, shouldn't have a cell phone on. I had called Mom on Saturday morning and told her as such.

But on Sunday she forgot that I'd called her on Saturday and promptly had a massive panic attack and called everyone BUT the police (who apparently were next on her list) trying to track me down because I hadn't called her for 48 hours and I must be dead or kidnapped!!! She even asked my uncle if it was possible to track me down via GPS on my phone or something. And boy, did she ever scream when I finally called. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! I HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT! I HAVE FELT SICK AND IN PAIN ALL DAY BECAUSE OF YOU! I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO GET AHOLD OF YOU AT ALL TIMES!"

(And people wonder why I don't want to have my own children? Because the SMOTHER gene would come out and I'd be just as psycho on my own brats. No thanks.)

My boss has suggested that I take a few extra days off during the holidays and not mention it to my mother ("separation issues...."), but I figure if she catches me not at work and not at her house, the meltdown will be even more spectacular. For me, work IS a vacation.

After telling Jess this story, she was all, "Before this, I thought a guy could handle the Dad thing, but this... is some seriously crazy shit." I said in response, "I've told you for years that NOBODY would ever be able to put up with this. Saints wouldn't be able to put up with this. Hell, I shouldn't have to, but I'm stuck."

My life is so crazy I can't bring people into it any more. This is too fucking much.

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