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Shootings and Car Races for Thanksgiving

2018-11-22, 11:22 a.m.

I went home early on Wednesday, because I could. It was pouring rain, which was good for the smoke issues (that shit is gone now, y'all), but at times it rained so hard I couldn't see very well, which was scary. However, these windshield wipers REALLY HELD UP and actually worked, for the first time in 8 years of having this car. Wow.

Mom wanted me to get my hair done, presumably to impress her boyfriend or be fancy for Thanksgiving, or whatever. I got it cut short and blonde and Professional and Boring because lord knows the new boss does not like fun colored hair. My hairdresser was all "oh, now I have all the fun colors in" and I had to say that I will never be able to do my hair like that again.

I hate that.

On Thanksgiving, we went to the Claremont, which I hadn't been to before but it reminds me of the Coronado in San Diego. It had an amazing food spread--there's a fruit bar, a cheese bar, a seafood bar, a Bloody Mary bar, some Chinese food, an omelet bar, and a Thanksgiving section. And the dessert section. I had dinner (a bit of everything), followed by dessert, followed by a bit more dinner and a bit more dessert. I loved the orange chocolate fountain. I also got mimosas (as did Roger) so woo hoo there.

I also heard from Roger about what it was like to work in an active shooter training for police, where he had to play a terrorist. I'd like to note that this conversation started out with him saying it was a shame that schools don't allow guns because then "a good guy with a gun" can't help out, and I was all, well, uh, they did this thing on the Daily Show a while back about how in the moment, that doesn't really work. At which point, much to my surprise, he then started saying that well, in practice for him I guess that was right. He and the "cop" shot at each other, he "thought" he got shot five times so he thought at that point he was supposed to die, except it turns out he didn't get shot and was told afterwards he shouldn't have done that. Roger managed to graze the "cop's" arm, that's about all of the successful shooting that happened there. He also said that it went against everything for him to shoot at a cop, and everything just really narrowed down for him. Then we talked about how in the book I was reading, it mentioned that people who work for Gavin de Becker have to get desensitized to being unable to think in a crisis, so they have angry dogs and guns sent after them.

He also wants to take my mom shooting at some point. This should be interesting, though Mom pointed out afterwards he's never set a date about this or anything.

After that he dropped us off at home and presumably went home to take a nap or something. Heck, so did Mom for that matter.

After that, I took Mom out to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, which I really liked. That movie had a lot more depth than I was expecting it to have, actually. Vanellope is feeling bored of her game and once they go into the Internet (a kid broke the steering wheel of her game, Mr. Litvak is too cheap to order the replacement part on eBay so Ralph and Vanellope have to do it and then figure out how to earn money online with viral videos), Vanellope falls in love with a game called "Slaughter Race" and doesn't want to leave. AWWWWWWWWW. In the end (after some drama), she moves into the game and she and Ralph have to be friends via phone.

I felt myself relating to this one. I don't know how well Mom got the hint about it, though.

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