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Good News, Bad News

2003-11-23, 4:39 p.m.

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Good news: Got a lot written in the train station and on the busses on Friday!

Bad news: Promptly managed to LOSE my laptop charger on the bus, and not realize this until it had left the station and I was on the train.

It was an eerie precursor- I almost forgot to pack it this weekend because I had no room for it in my bag, and thought that morning, "Gee, wouldn't it have sucked if I'd forgotten this for the weekend!"

I think it fell off my lap when the bus did a big fat jolt and I was suddenly trying to hold on to my two backpacks, laptop and notebook all at once.

Dave and I reported it to Amtrak, but of course they never called back. I ordered another online and paid double for next day shipping, but... guess what, they (so far) don't even plan on shipping it till THURSDAY. That's right, Thanksgiving Day when there's no mail! The fuck?!

I think I wasted money paying for next day if there's no way I can even be home to get it after Wednesday. I want to cry. Plus, that means no computer working at home for over a week. I may die.

Good news: Due to this dilemma, I had to finish (i.e. hit 50,000) this weekend or else. And I did it! Won't actually send confirmation until tomorrow night though- my fellow Davis writer and I will send them off via her computer tomorrow. I dearly hope that works.

Good news: Have been working on auction material again.

Also good news: Found two cheap "knitting for dummies" and "crocheting for dummies" books/kits for $10 apiece, so I can learn those things. They're about the two things in crafts I really haven't done much with/at all by now, I think!

Bad news: The auctions now require that you have a PayPal account. I signed up for it, and now promptly don't understand all the information they sent to me. This is why I never wanted to get a PayPal account in the first place, despite everyone buying from me perking up like puppies and asking if they could PayPal me when they won. (I honestly don't know how this came about when I didn't click "Pay me via PayPal" on any of the auctions...) Right now I want to cry with stupidity. Again.

Please don't tell me how easy PayPal is, okay? I'm stupid.

Good news: We went bowling on Friday.

Bad news: I miss being able to bowl well. That is rather frustrating. I know intellectually what to do, but my body isn't cooperating.

Good news: Well, at least I got to admire some truly excellent curve balls.

God only knows what news: In the continuing soap opera that is Dave's hometown, Jeremy and Rachel broke up/got back together/who the hell knows a bunch of times within the last few days.

As far as I know, a few days ago they went out to see some friends of Rachel's, A&S. (Supposedly Jeremy arranged for the four of them to have a foursome, then didn't tell Rachel about this, but that's another story...) Jeremy got pissy at Rachel for not doing his laundry for him and she told him to do it himself, plus some other crap went down, so he stomped off and told A&S they could keep her for as long as they wanted.

On Saturday, we end up seeing her, and the two of them fight more over the phone, and Rachel is essentially kicked out of the nasty apartment because Jeremy just paid rent and naturally Renee can't afford to pay him back and Rachel, being unemployed, can't pay rent at all anyway. There was much debate as to whether or not they would take all of Rachel's stuff out of the apartment or not before she went back to A&S's.

Incidentally, we had to go over there about 2-3 times during the course of the day. The first time I walked in, well, remember how he was saying it had been cleaned up? Not only was that uh, no longer true, it smelled even worse than it had before. I had to IMMEDIATELY plug my nose and then walk out of the room before I threw up, it was that bad. (Apparently none of them can smell it any more to tell.) I sat in the car for the rest of the day.

Rachel debates finding another fellow, there's plenty of phone hijinks, eventually Jeremy decides he wants to talk and wants her back (after he'd already declared them broken up), she agrees to return, but not until tomorrow night. He whines about it.

Meanwhile, I feel dizzy.

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