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Holiday Vegging

2006-11-23, 2:43 p.m.

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So, here I am, happily blogging away on my aunt and uncle's wireless and vegging. Alas, not so much with the NaNo writing at this point, which is a problem because I'm behind and this is probably my lone day for catching up and getting ahead. I'm still a day and a half behind, and yet what am I doing? Blogging wacky links and writing this instead. Gah. Bad Jen. Meanwhile on the novel, I am ah, quoting a lot and blathering bits with no plot.

Alicia and Travis got a new dog, which much to my surprise was NOT a Golden (the family's usual preferred dog). She's a cute little puppy that was named Snickers (after Cassie's now-dead rabbit, aw) and has been snuggling with me off and on all day. SO CUTE. The amusing thing is that despite the house having (for the moment- one of the dogs is off doing guide dog stuff) two other dogs bigger than she is, Snickers II has no fear of getting into it with them and biting their faces for fun. Bizarre...

One weird thing going on here: Thanksgivings are usually very mellow. Hell, both Mom and Aunt Susie have been taking time out to watch television, so it hasn't exactly been a frantic foodfest where everyone gets recruited for help. The kids are usually left to themselves, which they are certainly doing. However, periodically Alicia is "being taught how to do Thanksgiving." I can't help but think that has something to do with her obviously being The Next One To Get Married, Most Likely around here. I'm slightly jealous that Aunt Susie does that sort of thing without massive screaming involved. If Mom tried the same thing on me, one of us would probably be trying to kill the other one within ten minutes.

We are not driving back to the Bay Area in a frantic rush to see Dad on Thanksgiving tonight. We're spending the night here. I am amazed that Mom agreed to that. I wonder if that makes us evil? But regardless of the evilness of abandoning Dad in a vegetative, doesn't-know-if-you're-there-or-not? state, I have to say that I am really looking forward to spending the night here, watching television and vegging the way we used to back in the good old days, even if it means I'll have to sit through watching "Grey's Anatomy." (Sorry, fans, but I just can't watch a show featuring anyone called "McDreamy" without McGagging.)

Anyhoo, as Mur Lafferty would say, I Should Be Writing. (NaNo.)

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