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Crocker and Polar Express

2018-11-23, 11:35 a.m.

It didn't rain that much on Thanksgiving other than at night, but the next day was pouring again. Whee. It took several hours to get back to my neck of the woods, ugh. Again, raining so hard I couldn't see at times.

After we finally got up here, we went to the Crocker craft fair, which I haven't been to in several years (forgot about that one) rather than the one in Grass Valley we've been going to for years. Between feeling like we've bought everything there and the rain, we skipped it this year. Crocker had a lot of stuff, but nothing I particularly wanted to buy. Mom had fun with that, though.

She also wanted us to have our picture taken with Santa, and then she told Santa about how she posted for a picture with Santa last year and had her hand located...uh, somewhere where her boyfriend commented about "what were you doing with Santa?" I still want to see this picture somewhere.

After that we met up with my cousin Alicia and her husband Travis and the kids to go on the Polar Express again. That was about the same kind of fun. They had a less annoying "hobo" on the train, so that was nice and didn't freak out the kids. I am happy to report that Dylan was in a better mood that day, so there's that. After that, we went out to dinner with them, where I found out that Alicia had been wondering what her mother did to piss off my mom to bail on Thanksgiving, and that Travis loves musicals and wants to see more. We'll see if that happens--Mom mentioned inviting them along to the musical series she goes to.

So that was fun. After that, Mom as usual never wanted to go home, so we went to Target and I looked at fun, horrible Christmas merchandise.

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