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Surprise Snake

2020-11-23, 10:44 p.m.

Today at work:

Approximate recap of the conversation: Boss:
"Anybody do anything exciting this weekend?"
Me: "I would bet that Adventure Girl has done something this weekend...."
Adventure Girl: "Actually, my weekend was great until....."
Last night, she found her (indoor only) cat, named Bandit, playing with a worm. As she reached over to deal with the worm, she realized it was a baby snake, and "I don't do snakes." She scooped it up on a notebook and moved it outside. Also, "Where did my indoor cat get a baby snake from?!" Good point. Anyway, she was freaked the hell out and couldn't get back to sleep after that. That said, it doesn't sound like she was doing anything crazy until the Snake Incident.

My boss reported that they went on an "Ocean's Whatever" watching spree over the weekend and one of her kids said that if you want to rob something, you should invest in a really good hairnet. This sounded quite sensible to me, but his mom was all, "Well, maybe you shouldn't be breaking the law." I was all, well.... you are watching a series in which people do successful robberies and get away with it .... I'm not an LOL'er, but this is definitely LOL.

I attempted to explain "The Gods Must Be Crazy." It was weird.

My boss also mentioned that she is traveling to see family this week. OMG. I can't even. Her and Lioness both and I'd bet a bunch of others too, I'm not asking.

My coworker who just got two new 4-month old kittens reported in on their behaviors: they're limited to a few rooms in the house, the other cat is being kept away for now but they sniff at each other through the doors. Also, "if I ignore them, they'll jump right into my face."

Grandboss got a COVID test with her son. The full on up the nose, both nostrils experience since the new saliva tests we got here aren't going on in Washington. I think she was trying to politely say she didn't enjoy the experience, and then they get to wait 3-5 days for results.

Other than that, my latest Important Documents Project had Yet More Difficulties that is forcing me to add a bunch of people tediously and manually into it. Sigh. Though I did find out that there is a secret way to get around our issues with getting payments for things (namely: due to "security issues" we have been told our giant org cannot take any kind of payments or payment information electronically, and our clientele is long distance to international long distance, so we have to tell them they can only send it via snail mail). The payment office IS allowed to take them over the phone, so HUZZAH, which I reported to my boss. She didn't write back today, but I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear it/discuss tomorrow.

In the news: more good vaccine news and the Trump "administration" has had to cave in! Everything's coming up Millhouse, except for the pandemic!

Finishing Stargirl: I didn't take too many notes because I was setting up crap on my phone.

"Shining Knight." Justin the janitor has memory issues. Courtney's bio-dad Sam rolls into town, on a bus, looking bummy. AND HE HAS THE LOCKET, LIKE JUST OUT OF ANNIE Y'ALL. Poor Mike: "Why won't you tell me anything? What did I do wrong?" Justin tries to find Pat and then just starts hallucinating. Ruh-roh. Justin is the "Shining Knight" in the Seven. "There's eight of you in the picture." "I know that, Beth." LOL Sam the shitty "I have no explanation for where I've been for ten years" dad on his ex: "She still looks good. Not as good as when I had her." Pat punches him. Good job, Pat. "You're lucky I'm busy." And now the staff won't work. "I'm ready to leave Blue Valley whenever you are." Awww. Never mind, it works again. Oh, sure, kill Mike too. "Can't leave a legacy lying around." "Of course."

"Stars and STRIPE, Part One." Crusher comes by Pat's house to bitch about why didn't you tell me. Huh? Oh, the sports couple is double teaming. Too bad Barbara isn't a superhero. BUT COURTNEY'S IN DA HOUSE. ... So is Mike, uh-oh. Here's how to stop bullying: kill someone with your violin bow. I played violin, that can't be that easy. No, you can't drive it, Mike. Love the "adult diapers" insult to a guy who was in a coma. Class-ay. "And your spinal cord will turn into slush." "Continue." ????? "You got any ideas, Justin?" "I'm going to go clean the bathroom." Whaaaaaaaaaaat. Mike wants to try the staff. Mike, you've got the most important job of all: Look after the dog. "That's all I'm good at?"

Stars and STRIPE, Part Two. Your mom told you to bash a guy's head in with your tuba. Uh-HUH. "Time to kill the JSA again." "Shouldn't have locked me up, Daddy." OH WAIT HENRY'S NOT DEAD?! ...I love it that she didn't fall for that. You go, girl. Seriously, this show has like the smartest kids on television. "I'VE GOT FIVE MINUTES LEFT! AND IT'S ALL FOR YOU!" Realizing that your parents' murderer was just some random dumb troll too stupid to even have a badass code name: priceless. "Whatever, my hour was up." THEN MIKE DRIVES UP. "Does this mean I get to be in the JSA?" Justin rides off to go find his horse. Uh, whatever that means. The other guys, I guess. I KNEW she was gonna get him a "World's Greatest Dad" mug. This whole Christmas scene is very cute. OH LOOK, SOMEHOW STARMAN AIN'T DEAD.

Well, that was fun!

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