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No Gag Gifts, Something Classy

2018-11-24, 11:40 a.m.

Oh, did I mention that Mom mentioned that oh, she wasn't spending the entire weekend with me because she was going to go back and see Roger on Saturday? I was all, "well, I wish I'd known that before I packed four days' worth of stuff."

Anyway, she had fun at the Farmer's Market here and did a few errands before leaving, and after she did that, I got together with Loretta and Dawn. I checked out Loretta's knitting and menorah and dreidel collections--I now want to make some weird menorah because she collects those. We went to Dawn's and checked out how she has been trying to get rid of books during our time off. Then we went to Vampire Penguin to see if they had any special Christmas menu since they had had some for Halloween. No, they don't, but it was fun anyway. After that, we went to Barnes and Noble and Target.

Loretta and I had to look for gift exchange gifts, but I'd been told for (one) of mine "NO GAG GIFTS, SOMETHING CLASSY," which uh, is because last time I went to that party I brought a dancing penguin. Sigh. This made it no fun for me because everything I wanted to get probably counted as a "gag gift." Games? Gag gift. Funko Pop toys? Probably also a gag gift. I have no effing idea what to buy regular boring people and what they would like.

At Target, I ended up getting the following:
(a) A LED candle set that comes with a remote. I have no idea why someone would want such a thing--I think it's a Sharper Image discount thing--but that's "classy," i.e. boring, right?
(b) Darth Vader and Han Solo stockings. I know Angelica likes Darth Vader, and upon texting with Mom, she said that would count as being okay, so...I'll do one or the other. The Han Solo is for me (hm, should I make a Leia to go with this? Hah).
(c) A few ornaments--shiny unicorn, ugly sweater, LED bling tree topper, some bells.
All of that turned out to be pretty cheap.

After that, we went home and I watched, upon Loretta's recommendation, "The Christmas Chronicles," which I will review later when I have nothing else to say during Holidailies.

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