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Good News, Bad News, Redux

2003-11-25, 7:13 p.m.

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Good News: Not only did I get a few checks in for auctions, I also got a huge (over $300) check from Kaiser, who finally realized that they owed me money back from August 2002.

More Good News: Did some bead shopping, got a cheap book and a cheap Vegas poster to celebrate.

Bad News: Felt so crappy Monday I went home sick by 3:30, then came home to find that the toilet was somehow clogged, after turning in my novel with Jess (the other remaining person in my NaNo novelist's group- we're going to keep it up) I had to go home and sleep. Then didn't really sleep too well- woke up in the middle of the night both too hot and too cold and slightly headachy and too tired but couldn't sleep and couldn't breathe too well and yet wasn't up to so much as reading.

Good News: Woke up this morning at 9:30 (already told them upon leaving work that I wasn't coming in the next day) and felt fresh as a daisy. I have to blow my nose more than usual, and that's it!

Bad News: Heather's worse sick than I am.

Good News: But she's getting a fat promotion at work!

Bad News: Despite paying for "next day" shipping, didn't get the charger yesterday, so even if I hadn't been sick I would have had to skip work.

Good News: While bored off my ass without being able to use my laptop, I did more auctions.

More Good News: Much to my shock, Anna wants my earrings. I was flabbergasted.

Also Good News: As you can tell by me doing this entry, I got my new charger at 4! Yay!

And the superstinky bad news... Dave is in the hospital right now.

For those who already missed the tedious story, he wanted to get dental work done, but the dentist thought he looked too pale and refused to do anything without a doctor's okay. A doctor gave permission for him to get say, fillings done and the dentist STILL refused and said "Not without an official okay." So he went in on Monday.

And well, not only is he not getting medical clearance, he's down about four or five pints of blood and is in the hospital right now getting a transfusion. Oh, and he's getting tested for colon cancer.

Dave is totally shrugging that off- he claims the doctor told him he was being paranoid because he hadn't gone to a doctor in 2-3 years and he was really too young for cancer anyway. Hell, he forgot all about it when I called him this morning.

But, uh... that's CANCER, folks. And I am wigging out. He's been in such bad shape of late, him having cancer would not surprise me, eh?

Hopefully there will be test results tomorrow.

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