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2003-11-26, 7:05 p.m.

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No cancer. Or at least, they don't think he has it since his only symptom is fucking major blood loss. They kept him not only overnight, but he's still in now as I write (supposedly leaving soon), putting in a full five pints. "I was at 4.9, whatever that means," he said.

To quote him, physically he's fine, mentally not. Because guess what, now that Rachel's run back to Jeremy, she's now on his side. There goes another asshole.

Meanwhile, who called? Scott again. Guess he wants more money.

Oddly enough, Renee of the stinky apartment and A&S from the weekend have paid visits, for longer than Dave's family.

I am just rather mad.

I am feeling so guilty. He just wants me to be there, meanwhile my mom probably wouldn't let me go to him if he was dying in the hospital.

Ironic how I'm loved too much and he's not loved enough.

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