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New Hippie Friends and Kathy's Birthday

2019-11-26, 12:36 p.m.


Nothing going on today. Nobody even showed up to knitting group and when I got there, the janitor(?) guy said he was closing it up, so, fine, I left. I am now catching up on play entries and CW television shows. I don’t know when I’m going to find the time during Holidailies (assuming that’s going on) to write theater entries quickly. I am watching Riverdale right now, an episode called “The Ice Storm,” and wondering why the hell Veronica is still running around in a short skirt and short sleeves and if it’s so cold at Stonewall Prep, why Betty is wearing a T shirt. I’m just at home in three layers of tops and bottoms. I know it’s Hollywood, but put a damn sweater on. It can be a tight, sexy sweater if you like....

The Cold Snap has finally occurred, and a giant batch of rain is to go on for the next week after today. Whee. This makes me depressed because winter drains my life mojo, plus I haven’t driven in the rain in this car yet and I hope it goes better than it did in the last car (steaming up, windshield wipers going out, etc.). I wanted to stuff my face for most of the afternoon like I’m about to goddamned hibernate. I fear that I won’t be going to karaoke much now and everyone else may drop out as well because I won’t want to leave the house unless I have to. Though Walt’s Cathy is having her birthday tomorrow so we said we’d go for that. She’s hella sweet.

I’ve been conflicted on the Cold Snap because I keep thinking of the “wait until winter (or at least until things cool off)” thing. I was happier having warmer weather but kept wondering if anything is ever going to happen after the Snap. And now here’s the Snap and I’m wondering. But...probably not, because realism, and the idea has occurred to me so therefore it won’t happen, etc. Sigh.

Anita sent an adorable email saying that we made audience members cry yesterday and that her wish was granted regarding the baby, and she sent pics. We have rehearsal on Wednesday (which seems like a bad idea to me on a night when everyone is going to want to leave early...I don’t even go far for the holiday and yet I’d rather take the night off and have had rehearsal tonight instead) and then on Friday she wants us there by 5:45 to set up all the tables again. The show will get filmed on the 5th and a DVD will be sold. I wish my other shows, or at least As You Like It (I assume Laure couldn’t get her shit together on that one, and/or outdoor shows have other sound effects going on), had been filmed instead of the one that I’m in for 30 seconds, but oh well.

Mom wanted a phone call since I wasn’t doing jack tonight, and when I mentioned that there would be a DVD, NOW she wanted to see it. I restrained myself from saying “You could still go see it, there’s six more shows,” but instead said again when said shows are going on. Oh, Mother. I’m happy about your love life, but sometimes...jeez.


I found out that one of my new temp coworkers is also of a hippie ilk! This delights me greatly, because Hannah and I can continue to have hippie conversations in front of her :) We talked about The List, i.e. those lists ladies make of what they want in an SO. It worked for her. We’ll see if it ever works for me.... though she was all, “don’t wait around” and I said “look, if I met someone else I was into, I’d go for it, it’s just not that likely.” I admit I’m considering asking out people I’m not romantically attracted to these days, but since god knows that’s never worked in the past and kinda treats the dudes like shit, I probably won’t actually go through with it.

On a related note on “waiting around,” I was reading this advice column and felt better after reading #2. Though seriously, that author has the shittiest comments. But it was nice to hear that waiting around paid off for someone.

Today was the first rain day of the season and it actually wasn’t nearly as bad as promised, so that was good. My new car continued to have the windshield wipers working, did not steam up and even heated. Huzzah! I’m not used to that in bad weather.

At karaoke, it was (Walt’s girlfriend) Kathy’s birthday and she had cake and a tiara and a light up sign saying “Happy Birthday K” (Walt grumbled that they did not have more than two h’s), so that clarifies the spelling there. Also in attendance was....drumroll please...Badger! He’s back! And well behaved this evening and shook my hand and apologized to me at the end of the night, so that was good. I’m fine with him being back as long as he stays chill, honestly. (Was kinda concerned on Scott’s reaction when he found out though, I don’t think they said anything to each other.) Matthew’s mom wasn’t there tonight so I am guessing maybe they knew in advance. I don’t know what happened there, if this is a one off for her birthday or if everyone’s cool now that things have chilled out or what, but I’d be curious to find out. Kinda don’t feel like I can ask though? Anyway, Badger avoided me for most of the night but apologized and shook my hand at the end, so for the moment I think we are cool. Y’know, as long as he doesn’t get too tanked.

Kathy shared cake around (we moved it out of Scott’s vicinity) and Sarah ate it even though she dubbed it “Trump cake” (Walt is...a fan, we don’t know on Kathy) and said she was trying to bridge the gap.

We had an amusing conversation about whether or not Jesus counts as a zombie. I think so.

Stephanie was also back for Kathy’s birthday, so I talked to her about the tractor parade we’re now supposed to do...something at. (Stephanie tows Santa in the parade.) She said let her know next year earlier if we needed a tractor/float. I also got to sing “Shut Up And Dance” with her, our favorite :) and Matthew called us his two bounciest girls. Badger danced with Kathy during it, with no incidents.

Quote from Matthew after a new guy did it for the first time: “The first one is free. You’ll be chasing that high for the rest of your life.”

I finished Matthew’s ski mask right before I left to go there, he seemed quite happy with it. Good time to have it done given the weather.

Scott left early (so yeah, nothing happened there predictionwise), so after he was out I talked to Sarah (after I looked at my phone and...oh for fuck’s sake, it’s 11:11) and was all, “Do you do the 11:11 thing?” and she was all, “yeah, all the time.” And then I talked to her about seeing hearts everywhere too. God, it’s nice to have new hippie friends who get it.

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