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2014-11-27, 3:43 p.m.

Mom was up last weekend for several events:
(a) a TEDx salon that got announced pretty last minute--I think this is the only one I've been to that wasn't sold out, but it still seemed to have pretty good attendance. My neighbor turned out to be one of the speakers. She is kind of a local celebrity here (was in a band), but she has ALS and it runs rampant in her family and she was speaking about that. She's still giving speeches and jumping out of planes for fundraisers and generally living it up while she still can, which is impressive. (She also has the most blinged-up bike and walker you have ever seen, they look like I decorated them!) Mom of course cried and had to talk to her afterwards. There was also a high school girl who performs spoken word and had a very fancy resume for a high schooler in the program, and I was all "damn, and I do nothing and can't even get up the nerve." I'm the dick who's impressed, but still can't get up the nerve herself to do anything.

(b) Harvest Festival--spent too much as usual. Probably shouldn't have ordered the custom dress I did at the end, but I really liked the fabric. Also I had Engaged With The Salespeople, which... well, as you'll eventually see whenever I get around to posting my entries from Hawaii (probably during Holidailies, I'm still typing them up and uploading photos anyway), is dangerous. Once they start talking to you, it's hard to get away. I did find a vendor that I liked several years ago that went to WEF once (and I knew she'd never return), so I was happy. I also found a lady who did great wire weaving, but she was SUPER cranky and kept going on about how she wants to retire. I never know what to say to that, but I'm glad she ventured out of her state to sell here the one time, at least.

(c) Global Wonderland is in Sacramento this year, so we went. It was beautiful. I have finally finished uploading like 400 pictures, so there you go.

As for this week, I finished both NaNoWriMo (thoughts on that here and my first ugly Christmas sweater. Which was quite a feat considering that timewise I needed to finish both of those things way earlier than usual because of Thanksgiving and the office party being on December 2 (uch, too early) and the CC party being on December 5 (okay, that's usual). So that's pretty impressive.

I am writing this on Thanksgiving from my aunt's house, where I'm uploading craptons of pictures on their faster Wi-Fi. We did another Turkey Trot again this year....I am still unthrilled at having to wake up early for it (especially since Mom came to my house at 9:45 at night, started cooking, and didn't stop till about 1:45 in the morning. Using noisy blendy things.), but at least the weather was nice. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be a giant rainfest, which worries me because of all the driving we are potentially doing--we might end up skipping going to Grass Valley on Friday entirely due to that, sigh. Then we go to San Jose on Saturday with Angelica for Harvest Festival again (so she can go) and some kind of Cirque Christmas show.

I would like to desperately wish that my relatives would stop talking about diabetes and cancer. Just saying. There's nothing like being guilted about eating food on Thanksgiving, y'all!

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