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The Most Fun Thanksgiving Ever

2019-11-28, 11:11 p.m.

(Disclaimer: I'm finally posting this a few days later and...guess what, the clock is at 11:11. God, this whole number thing is ridic.)

Well, this was about the most fun Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. So yay there!

Before we left, we had a brief conversation with our family friend Sandy, who said that she went through 7 major surgeries in 9 months and they thought she was going to die, but her mom came to visit and said her sister couldn’t live without her, so “I had to suck it up, buttercup!” Sandy is the most naturally chipper (sick or not) person you ever met in your life. She is a delight. However, she called back about five minutes before Roger was about to pick us up, so that was short. Sandy said to pass on to Roger that she’d like to meet him someday, and I loved Roger’s response (and relatively cheerful delivery) to this: “Meeting Bob’s ex-girlfriend is at the top of my bucket list.” That said, I think he’d hit it off with Sandy like he does with Mom (minus the sexual stuff!) since Sandy is a “tomboy” Montana version of Mom in a lot of ways and Mom always says she wants to be Sandy when she grows up.

In addition to having dinner with Roger at the Claremont again this year, we were joined by his son Evan and his bestie Stephanie, who I hit it off with right away. I also think I hit it off with Evan too, it sounds like we have the same favorite foods (Jack in the Box egg rolls are THE BEST eggrolls, we agree) and generally had a good time talking about restaurants in town, the play I’m in, work, etc. So, yay.

We exchanged phone numbers and Stephanie definitely wants to get together and do something, so let’s work on that. I may ask her to karaoke next time and see if she wants to go. It sounds like Evan has been awesome to her since she’s had crap go down in her life. Husband cheated and left her and she raised his kids, who now no longer speak to her and that sucks, and her job contract ends at the end of the year (ironically, she was filling in for a knitter pal of mine who was out on medical leave, so that was a bit awkward). I hope she finds something soon, but it sounds like she has the skills that our giant org looks for that I lack, so I think she can do better than me there! Either way, this was a lot better Thanksgiving than she was expecting, and I’d say the same. Roger said she was family and she said something like “I’d like to feel that way” (since hers is on the East Coast) and I was all, “I know what you mean.” Mom was all, we don’t really hit it off with my sister’s family either.

Stephanie brought two bottles of wine to try out and between that and the mimosa and the champagne* I got cheerfully drunk, which Mom deemed “noticeable” because she said I talked more. Frankly, I don’t know the difference on that one, I only noticed the drunk when I got up, really. Eh, whatevs, it’s fun.

* Note: Mom saw how much it cost to have the liquor last year and told me not to have any this year, Roger encouraged it anyway (“I don’t see any reason not to have any unless you were under 21”), obviously I went along with that :) I also read a sign on the wall of the Claremont that said “My only regret is that I did not drink more wine” aloud, and he said, “Well, the day is still young....”

I was also amused at Roger saying around the end of the night that Mom tries to get him drunk and seduce him (not exactly how he phrased it, I believe “MeToo” was used, but that was the gist). I was amused as heck by this. And when he talked about getting his truck and forgot that he brought us along while he was shopping for it and when I called that out, he said something like “that wasn’t my fault” that we were there. I was all, ‘That wasn’t your fault? You literally drove us there! Whose fault was that?” Bwahahahaha.

We interrupt this entry for a special ridiculous announcement: Remember how I said that if Scott’s last name started showing up, that would freak me out, and then YouTube found me some guy with that last name that’s no relation? I was just looking up one of the Hallmark movies on tonight and what comes up on the side ad space? THAT GUY AGAIN, he has an ad for himself that popped up.

THE UNIVERSE IS LAUGHING AT ME, Y’ALL. This went on while I was writing what's below here, too.

Also, my mother keeps calling me on my cell from the other end of the house to come over and look at whatever she’s looking at on Well, at least she threw out the rotted peach since I was last here. I guess that’s...something. I also watched a lot of Hallmark tonight, but I’ll save posting those for dull days during Holidailies.

In other news, I read a book quote Thanksgiving morning before leaving, in which a lady met a guy and immediately hit it off and predicted they’d get together via the world's best tarot reading, but it took him six months “to figure out how sure he was about us as a couple” and he kept claiming he was going to move to LA. I related: “Knowing that the oracle was a test in faith, those six months were excruciating. I felt like a kid again, obsessively picking daisy petals: He loves me; he loves me not.... So much for the ‘let go and let God” concept.” Hah. I HEAR YA GIRL. The fucking daisy petals. I think I'm on some kind of "every one and a half days, I change my mind on this" cycle and it's annoying the shit out of me.

In the end, this chick mentions “surrendering to his right to choose,” which I have decided to also practice. I am trying to not care any more on this topic. Either he does (eventually to very eventually to when he's 90 and I'm a hundred and dead), or he never does because pining is more fun than actual real life, or whatever. I have no control and I will be fine in the end, if annoyed that my single streak conitnues into sixteen years...or more, or infinity. This is not broken heart territory since lord knows it's never gotten into the same room as that. It's not quite in the "it's just a little crush, not like I faint every time we touch" territory any more like it was in the days of spring, mind you. I used to think it was along the lines of There's No Way (i.e. eventually inevitable), but nowadays I'm circling back to ... most likely nothing in the end, as life goes. I'd love this to play out awesomely, but life very frequently won't cooperate with that.

I'm NOT going to say "It figures. I knew I was always meant to be permanently single" any more (where's my shrink to applaud this?), that's not the story I want here. It might happen anyway, mind you, it ain't under my control. But as usual, there is nothing I can do and he's gonna do what he wants and I am just going to keep to myself, attempt to ignore all the "they're so MFEO!" stuff I hear like every night at the play now (sigh), and work on cooling things off on my end after December 22 when I presumably won't be seeing him much for the rest of winter. Time and space starve your feelings, surrender Dorothy, I surrender to destiny, blah blah blah that's how life goes.

The book I was reading from goes on:

"Now here's an important point about predictions: They're all based and seen in the now.... knowing an outcome doesn't ensure the security of the steps you need to take to get there. Things can change. You still need to live the experiences directly in front of you on the path to your destination, which is how you get there anyway....Predictions are but markers on the journey pointing to those things potentially placed by Fate. But you only find out whether they were right when you actually arrive."


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