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2016-11-29, 10:37 p.m.

Thanksgiving weekend was good. My week up until about Wednesday was hell (see next entry), but on Wednesday people were actually nice to each other. It was lovely.

As for Thanksgiving itself, after last year’s sleeping through the turkey trot, Mom has decided she is just fine with not doing one again, This made me SUPER pleased and worked out well in the long run because in the middle of the night, there was some giant water leak RIGHT in front of my apartment and I got woken up at 2:30 when they started jackhammer drilling. Yes, 2:30 in the morning jackhammer drilling on Thanksgiving day. I feel very sorry and yet grateful for the poor yelling schmucks out there in their giant yellow suits and their three trucks and giant sucking hose. I am also grateful that for once I didn't have a flood in my apartment (again). But suffice it to say that I didn’t fall asleep/the noise didn’t die down until about 4 a.m. Mom slept through it once she got used to the drilling--good god, woman, you can sleep through anything.

I am grateful as hell that I could sleep in the next day and didn’t have to be up turkey trotting at 6 a.m. under those circumstances. Instead I had a leisurely sleep in, followed by watching the parade and the dog show. I did sadly have to listen to my mom on speakerphone having a very Republican conversation with her boring Republican friend who thought it was okay to drop the N-bomb three times in a row if he was quoting LBJ....argh, but that was probably about the worst of the political shit I had to listen to at Thanksgiving, since most of the conversation at dinner revolved around getting the three-year-old to eat.

We didn’t actually get to my cousin’s house until around 4 and they actually let us play with the cute small children this year, which Mom loved. Between spending less time with relatives and actually being allowed near the children, Mom was pretty happy at the time, though she did kinda do her usual "let's rehash every detail over the weekend" thing again.

Incidentally, the next time I’m asked what a three year old boy wants for Christmas (why do I get asked something like this every year and why does anyone think I'd know?), I can definitely say: “a tape measure.” Because hoo boy, was that a fun toy for him.

Half of them were sick and I started having a coughing fit while at their house, which worried me. I had little moments of uh-oh here and there on the weekend after that.

The next day we went up to Grass Valley as per our tradition of hitting their Christmas faire. I didn’t buy much there this year beyond some beads, Mom bought a lot, we discovered a really nice glass and beads booth. Also, their water was out there as well, so that was giving me some deja vu. On the way back we hit Target for gift shopping and I spent more there than I did the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday at Mom’s request we went to the Filoli holiday sale. She is now a member and got tickets. It turned out that what this boils down to is, (a) the house gets redecorated for the holidays in Christmas bling, and (b) they have shit tons of fancy knick knacks and some things made by volunteers for sale. This was not a craft fair as I thought, however, as most of it was fairly pricey. I got some foodstuffs and some Styrofoam bling balls, that was about it for me. Mom, of course, got more stuff than that. It was very pretty and very crowded for the first few hours, but weeded out in the last few. However, we heard from a volunteer that this may be the last year it goes on because there’s some new head person who doesn’t like the sale at all. Which kinda sucks. I don’t know if this is something I’d want to do every single year myself, though I’m glad I saw it once, but that really sucks for all the people who clearly like it, and I suspect it has to make bank when you have to pay just to get in to do your shopping for fancy stuff. Anyway, if you're in NorCal and you see this and it's not sold out yet, you might want to try it.

On Sunday, we finally had to brave the Black Friday sales because I needed a new laptop, as after something like 8 years mine is finally dying, or at least the battery has keeled over and now it turns itself off a lot. So that got taken care of.

Then I went back home and basically keeled over and called in sick for a few days and slept for like 11 hours a day and had peace and quiet--you know, except for Mom calling like 8 times a day to bug me about the computer because I somehow managed to lose the product key for 24 hours. THANK GOD it turned up in a book (no, I didn't put it in the book...that's the inexplicable it), because turns out those things are 100% NOT REPLACEABLE EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Very scary. But hell, I've got Word docs now at least.

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