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The King of Broadway

2021-11-29, 5:04 p.m.

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Work: in-office day, quiet, did I really need to be in person for anything? Not really, unless you count telling Hope about the crazy ass killing a chicken story I heard on this week's This American Life. On the good news side, THEY FINALLY OPENED UP OUR JOB POSTINGS FOR THIS UNIT, finally. We'll see how that goes.

Karaoke: left late because I had to be in office today, picked up Ashley to go there, she got quite annoyed at how we hit almost every red light in town. I was all "eh, that's life" about it. Still got there at the start of karaoke, mind you. I did "Don't Wanna Think About You," self-explanatory.

Rehearsal: first choreography night for "The King Of Broadway." It's a very Jewish-y dance, with the hora and ah...bottle dancing....(poor Scott's gonna have to do that, oy vey and good luck with that) and a lot of circle dancing. I do like Andi's choreography--fun but nothing too super complicated and she was willing to change things when one bit got too confusing. Did go all night at it, though. Clearly Scott has already listened to this song many many many many times since he knew the lines better than Eddie (Max), hah hah. Where he found the time, I do not know.

Regarding him: I came into rehearsal and sat on the farther side of the room than I normally go, on the aisle, chucked my clothes bag and purse next to me--I wear three layers of clothes every dang day in winter and knew better than to have them all on during dance rehearsal, switched to dance shoes, etc. Mom tried calling me then (grr) so I was distracted at all of that shit. Scott ah... stepped over that stuff and sat next to me on the other side of my stuff at the start of rehearsal. So....well, make of that what you will.

I am pretty close to him at different points during the dancing. Sigh. That doesn't help....

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