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Springtime For Hitler

2021-11-30, 10:30 p.m.

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Work was thankfully pretty quiet. The monthly project is done. The office made this biiiiiiiiiig deal about this EMERGENCY PROJECT ALL HANDS ON DECK about it...and then just assigned something like 25 apiece to everyone and I had it done in 20 minutes. (Though I will bet I get assigned more tomorrow since Lioness said she's feeling poorly and her VPN was crapping out and then "left" after the meeting was over, I bet she doesn't work tomorrow.) Oh, and some DNS problem erupted across the GiantOrg internet so most people couldn't do much of anything and it took out most of the phones for the remote workers, hahahahah. I spent a lot of time looking at patterns on the Internet (see below).

I did get therapy today, then I'm pretty much off from it for December because she's moving (sigh). She said she needs to pack but basically thought I was on emergency status after dealing with Mom/seeing photos of the hoarding over the weekend. "She has the biggest ADHD I've ever seen in my life" and "she's kind of a flibbertigibbet." She thought I did great at not screaming at Mom or getting into a fight for all four days ("I give you a 20 out of 10") and pointing out when she was being unreasonable. And while it's really irritating that Mom had plenty of notice I was coming and still couldn't get her act together to clean off the bed before I arrived, she unfortunately can't really help it and is doing the best she can.

Regarding Scott, I said I really was too mushy with him and she said he didn't even realize it. She said, "I think he's ambivalent" but I should just go with it being only friends--but he is definitely more touchy (literally) with me, so... "He's just an extremely affectionate man. Right now you're a special friend--he doesn't interact with others the way he does with you." (And we wonder why I'm all confused.) She said I led myself on because I didn't know for sure.

Oh, and the Present Situation might have a solution: she suggested making him a hat, which is one of the ideas I've been considering (one of those flat newsboy ones...he had one that got burned in the fire), but I was all "that's a clothing item, I don't know what his hat size is other than it's bigger than mine," and then I remembered that he's actually worn a hat of mine, the rainbow top hat that fit him better than me, so I could check THAT one for sizing. So I think I'm gonna do that. Hopefully less complicated than any of the other things.

Gonna go shopping with Dawn and Loretta Thursday on my day off, I'll probably ask to go make a craft store run.

Tonight's Hallmark, Christmas at Castle Hart: Brooke and her sister Margo are sick of men, sick of work, sick of being picked on peons and work for a caterer and just lost their jobs. Maybe it takes hitting bottom to get back up to the top? Let's go to Ireland like, tomorrow and find our relatives!* The girls say they got their father's adoption records unsealed and the last name was O'Reilly. The bartender is all "So am I and so is most of this bar," and "why don't you go hang out at Castle Hart and get a tour instead?" They find the tour boring and wander off and meet a hot guy who's really an earl (Aidan Hart) and he says he can give them a private tour, hubba hubba. Earl Aidan isn't really into the whole "title" thing.

* Sad thing I heard recently: Lacey Chabert's sister died right before the premiere of this.

The sisters claimed to be "event planners" instead of unemployed waitresses in the bar, and then when Aidan's sister Siobhan works for some duchess and hears they're "event planners" and theirs just quit....HEY, YOU WANT A GIG? Siobhan also wants to see their website, which AWKWARD!!! The sister claims that Brooke is really her most recent ex-boss....AWKWARD! Brooke also finds that every event-related thing in town is booked, from food to decorations.

Aidan introduces Brooke to "The Twelve Pubs of Christmas," AND I DEMAND THAT WE HAVE A MOVIE WITH THIS TITLE NOW, I DEMAND IT. They used to have a pub event, but his sister thought that now they're turning the place into an inn they have to class up the joint, so no more community bar event. Brooke talks a guy into helping HER out, if not the duke. Anyway, things go more or less well, albeit one caterer quits on her once she finds out it's all a lie, and a diehard reporter who knows Paige the boss IRL eventually spills the beans. By this point the duchess is all "Don't care, I'll make sure you're banned in Ireland, Paige" about it.

Overall, Brooke and Aidan are nice people, albeit there's this whole lie thing. Siobhan is all "Would we have hired her had she been honest, also we needed her, so get over it."

Later on, the duchess tracks down a relative of theirs--their uncle and the rest of the clan, who randomly put one kid up for adoption in America? Still wondering on this. Anyway, while this wasn't one of my top favorites, it was solid second tier.

Rehearsal: SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER AND GERMANY!!!!!! It's THAT night! Boris (musical director) said this was the hardest number of the bunch and it was about two hours of the night. Scott is doing the "stormtrooper" solo and good for him. Of course he's amazing at it. Other Jennifer was all "he's good!" and I restrained myself from raving on or mentioning karaoke. Various dudes got cast as Stalin and Churchill and FDR ("we have a wheelchair"). There were enough parts going on that had to be gone through individually, so I started doing crossword puzzles online, hah hah. It's an amusing song, not to mention how weird you feel singing Hitler shit even if you know it's a joke. ("I'm sorry, bubbe," one guy said. I'm sure many other Jewish theater geeks have felt same, Steve included.)

As for the Scott situation: he very deliberately came over to me wanting a hug at the beginning and the end of the night, and we went out around the same time and he followed me to my car for a bit and talked about what we're doing at the next rehearsal--for once, no solos in that song for him, since he's the judge and only has lines.. So we're back to that again. So much for my pondering saying "no hugs," I seriously can't do it with him.

I really don't know if that's just him going on whim/instinct without thinking about it too much, or if he ever deliberately thinks something like, "Okay, fine, I gave her space for like a week and a half, it's time for hugs again." Because god knows whenever I get all alienated/mad/whatever it is from him, he starts doing that and being all cute and affectionate, and we go back to the usual again.

I never know with this guy.

And Holidailies starts again tomorrow....

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