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2004-12-01, 4:22 p.m.

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So, I see that (a) Holidailies will be late, but (b) Jan and Stef are starting up early anyway. In that spirit, you will get an entry today, even if it's kinda quick and crappy, a la what goes in the LJ usually.

It's my first day back at work after jury duty, and upon my entering anywhere at work, everyone at work is all, "Did you convict? Did you convict?" No, we didn't get to bloody convict!

Is knitting giving me carpal tunnel? I worry.

The good news is, I *think* I am pretty close to finishing the trunk of the sweater, at least. If not the arms, which I was also supposed to have done by tomorrow. Wah.

When Jess picks up an addiction, she PICKS UP AN ADDICTION. She showed me a buttload of beads she bought, three awesome beading/wire books I drooled over, and some bitchin' wire work she did. Geez, it took me weeks to come out with stuff that good. I think I'm going to talk her into taking advanced wire design in the winter with me if she's at that level.

She also told me she spent $130 on the bead supplies, and my jaw hit the floor. "I've never blown that much on beads EVER!" I squealed. And when I say that, you know it's serious.

I smell beading party in the future. Oh yes.

Oh, I forgot to mention that during Black Saturday, I found her a few quickie gifts: (a) a "letter bag" pendant, which I also got for myself, to commemorate NaNo, and (b) a keychain finder. The thing is supposed to whistle and flash a light kinda like a Clapper when you lose your keys, something which Jess does 2-3 times a DAY. I don't know how long this thing is going to last considering it goes off and on at odd times just like Hill's Clapper did, but so far she seems amused.

All of this bead yakking was going on at our last NaNo meeting, which was somewhat writing-oriented amd somewhat just-yakking oriented.
But I did want to record something someone said, which was that she was going to try to keep writing, "even if it's 10 words a day."
The 10-word-a-day plan. I like that idea. I wonder if I could pull it off.

After much trauma and frustration on both our parts, I have my cell phone back.
My land line was for whatever reason not working (I got no dialtone, anyone calling in got a busy signal) Sunday and Monday nights. I finally got the damn thing fixed late Monday night, but evidently Alicia forgot which apartment was mine and was calling my land line, which wasn't working... and comedy of errors ensued.

I did manage to, after much hiking around through five floors of buildings, find where she worked today. Phew.

* It is the "Feast of Boris" day in Kingdom of Loathing. There had been tales of a "Thanksgiving event" around for a few days, so I saved up 200 adventures (the max one can save, mind you) waiting for it. (I should explain to non-KoL'ers that eating food and drinking alcohol gives you more adventures, until you hit a fullness/drunkenness limit.)
What is the event, you ask? Double the food points/adventures/fullness given out today, or something like that. Thus I have to whittle down my damned 200 adventures before I can eat double the food to get more adventures.
Oh well, at least I'm ending up with a ton of Uncle Jick's Brownie Mix.

Oh, and someone at Warehouse 23 gave me a Dark Jill O'Lantern. I am humbled and grateful :) (Though ahem, STILL WONDERING WHERE MY MR. ACCESSORY IS THAT I FRICKING PAID FOR IN OCTOBER.)

It's payday today! Yay payday! In celebration, I hit the bookstore at lunch to look for the new Bust magazine and the new Company novel. Both of which I found :) Yay. On the other hand, I feel stupid that I got so excited about finding those that I forgot to er, look for everything else I was supposed to do during lunch. Gah.

I'm actually rather flabbergasted that I went two days at the end of the month without buying something when I wanted to. Go me.

Speaking of shopping, if anyone remembers my horrendous Christmas album music reviews from last year's Holidailies, I have recently acquired four $5 albums: "Here Comes Santa Paws" (offered at Big Dogs), "Bubba Claus Country Christmas Album," "Rudy the Redneck Reindeer" and "Rudy the Redneck Reindeer Vol. 2." I may review these this year too, just for kicks/filler on dull days.

I am thinking of making a reindeer-songs-only mix this year, since after acquiring this batch of CD's I've suddenly got a lot more. Just on this batch I've got "Rudy the Redneck Reindeer", "Rudolph Drank the Moonshine", "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," "Chasin' That Neon Reindeer," and "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer."

Heh heh heh.

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