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November Review

2008-12-01, 9:13 a.m.

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Bleah, another month where I start entries, don't finish them, have nothing posted.

Today SHOULD be the first day of Holidailies, but apparently they are LATE. I say this with annoyance because the starting date is December 5...and I not be able to post on that date, or the few days after that, because I will be offline.

On a cruise, folks.

Yup, apparently there is such a thing as a "weekend" cruise, and we are going on it. Bad timing for the event all around, mind you, but I have always wanted to go on a cruise and now I get to!

It goes to Cabo for a day...honestly, I never in my life wanted to go to Mexico (I can't say I want to go anywhere I'm likely to get Montezuma's revenge, period. If you saw how Charlotte got it in the SATC movie, I would probably do something that dumb.), but it beats Mom's neverending "I wanna cruise to Alaska!" argument. And since I want to go somewhere WARM, not somewhere requiring a goddamned parka, well, there ya go. Also, if I'm there for a day, I can only hope I won't give myself the MR by brushing my teeth or something.

So, by the time I get back, hopefully I can at least write about the trip, even if I am slower than shit on Photoshopping pics for trips lately (I'M STILL WORKING ON FLORIDA, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Hell, I only just got my missing photo disk back). I am hoping to post the pre-written, but no photo'd, Florida entries on dull days during this month as well.

In other news: I won NaNo, but it was a rough goddamned year.

The year I lost was in 2003. It had the same calendar setup as this one did, I think, in that Thanksgiving weekend took up the entire end of the month. After awhile I started wondering if this kind of month was a jinx to me.

I never made it to one write in. Well, that's not true, the only one I got to go to, NOBODY ELSE SHOWED UP. I gather everyone in Davis stopped going to them after about the 11th or so. Joy. But they were running Mondays (I was busy), Wednesdays (when I tried to go), Fridays (gee, guess who's got unexpected appointments then), and Sundays, which were of the too-far-to-walk-to variety. I figured out by the 11th that apparently GOD JUST DOESN'T WANT ME TO GO TO ANY THIS YEAR, and stopped trying halfway through.


Also, I didn't get around to outlining much beyond the first few chapters this year before November started. This was a huge mistake because I AM NOT A PANTSER. (If you check the NaNo blog this year, I'm obviously having daily meltdowns.) I had a lot slower year because I would write down what I'd thought of, stop, and stare at the screen for hours. Man, that novel is a POS. Least fun year since the year I lost this time, though, which sucks.

I am amazed I finished on time, really. And thankfully, before Thanksgiving too.

I am putting it in my calendar for say, September or so, to start working on Halloween shit THEN rather than all through October. And then spend all of October OUTLINING.

So, after the utter fun that was Thanksgiving in SF last year, we went back to the bosom of Our Beloved Familee for Thanksgiving this year. I agreed to one year off, and that's all I got.

It was...just like every other dull holiday ever. My cousins immediately disappeared after breakfast, I got nagged to go be with "the women in the kitchen." I did my time in the kitchen. I did my time attempting to socialize with with people who were unchatty. The most exciting part of the day was me surfing the web and getting Photoshopping done. Even Mom had to admit that uh, they just don't want to talk much.

Mom still thinks that is better than having an actual fun time (yes, she said that), because it's famileeeeeeee. Sigh.

I will say on my aunt's behalf that she was much chattier when we went with her to the Empire Mine the next day, though. It was nice to have someone else around going, "Why the heck is your mother taking photographs of that?"

After that, she went home and Mom and I went to a craft fair in the Nevada County fairgrounds. I had a good time. Got some cool jewelry. I also bought alpaca roving again...I don't know what I was thinking. I took a spinning class during the summer (see here) and while I hated it for most of the class, I actually kinda started liking it by the end.

I have been pondering taking the class again because it's at a good time in my crazy-ass schedule, and there's not a whole lot I haven't taken that's being offered in winter at the CC. Also, you can't really spin without being in the class (or at least, the wheels are only free for the first two weeks of the quarter). I guess I could just go in and use the wheels before the class started, or just go. I haven't decided totally yet. I am currently saying that I need to attempt to have a not-quite-as-heavy schedule in winter to give myself a break after the trainwrecks of October/November, but about the only night I can drop anything on is a Monday, so...

We also went back to Cornish Christmas after the fairgrounds. The funny thing was that Mom didn't want to go back there. Ironically, we didn't get much at the street booths (it was mostly food rather than art this year), but did quite a bit of shopping in the stores. I got the best rainbow coat EVER.

Saturday we went to Harvest Festival, which was fun as usual. Got cool things. Yes, we hardly ever GIFT shop at these things...

So, mostly fun. I made myself an advent calendar, making myself a little gift before I go back to frantic gift crafting. That was nice.

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