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One Man Star Wars Show

2012-12-01, 7:55 p.m.

Hi everyone, welcome to Holidailies! I'd normally do a "here's what's gone on the last year" post today, but I have actual recent stuff to talk about for now

Last night L (new friend since last Holidailies--see January or so for her introduction) and I went to a mini craft fair that my career counselor puts on--her first year back after retiring for a few years. She had for me a bracelet that I'd been eyeing two years ago--in my actual wrist size, which is sadly tiny and I normally can't wear anyone else's bracelets. Sweet! It's rainbow resin beads. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant I hadn't been to in town because you need to drive to it, that had tasty wonton soup and mu shu pork.

And then we went to see the One Man Star Wars Show. I wore my "Darth Tater" shirt. I saw a kid on crutches in a full on suit with a Jar Jar mask. (On the one hand, hey, people dressing up! On the other hand...fucking Jar Jar....) One of the ushers brought her lightsaber and was clearly having a lot of fun waving it about. I happen to know someone else who's an usher and she wasn't working this show--I spotted her in the audience. She was all, "Yeah, I figured you'd be at this one." I also saw one of my ex-bosses and her husband in the third row, though I couldn't say hi to her.

As for the show: it's entertaining. (Video links if you'd like to see a sample.) While yeah, he's acting out the good bits, he also takes some time to snark here and there, which god knows I appreciate. Bits I liked:

* how he is all "blah blah blah" about the opening credits
* his Jabba impersonation with his arms, and doing the tongue
* his Han impression--the voice is great, plus he grabs at his crotch periodically.
* Making fun of Luke whining never gets old.
* Watching him, ah...make out with himself, I guess?
* "For now, your sister remains safely anonymous." "Leia is my sister!-- Because she's the only woman in the movie."
* Pointing out how sad it is that Chewie doesn't get a medal.
* Disco ball Death Star
* great mouth sound effects, especially lightsabers.
* When Darth Vader takes off his mask: "I thought you were black."
* Repeated apologies to the front row for spitting on them while doing the Emperor. "The Emperor's not sorry, but I am."
* Making fun of my town's bike culture and insane amounts of rain today.
* Anyone else notice how Admiral Ackbar's the only one who can't say Leia's name right?
* I like how he only talks about the new trilogy when he's having Obi-Wan explain why he didn't explain the "Darth Vader killed your father" thing. Oh, you know, I cut off his limbs and he ended up in lava.....
* "He's my brother." "Then why are you kissing him all the time?"
* Morals of the movie: don't make out with your sister and don't let your dad go evil.

In between movies, he takes a minibreak. He of course polled the audience to see who's seen the movies--and if anyone there hasn't. Yes, there were a few people. "Well...thanks for supporting the arts! I did try to make it clear in the title..." He said he felt bad for them with this being their first experience of the movies. But hey, there's always gotta be some random, eh?

After the show (which is about an hour and ten minutes), he did sit down and tell us about how he created the show, and Lucasfilm's reaction to it--after someone asked him in an interview if they knew and he said no, they e-mailed him about "possible future project" saying that they knew. They had heard of it and asked him to send a script and video. He did...and they had him be an emcee at Comic-Con before putting on the show. And now they want 25% of the gross...

I also thought he had a really nice blurb in the program about how he put the show together. I can't type the whole thing out because man, it's long, but it was really touching and cool..

He said several times he'd like to do the One Man Lord Of The Rings here--yeah, this would be the crowd for it. I asked L if she'd want to go to that (let's just say that series has some relevance for her) and she said her brother and mother actually had seen it and she'd been all, "Nah, it can't be the same guy..."

For future reading, this article on the making of the show is darned cool.

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