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Still Ducking Covid

2022-12-01, 8:38 p.m.

So, it's Holidailies time again. Here's the current state of affairs:

(a) I am in "Christmas Carol: The Musical" (yup, that exists, written by Alan Menken) right now, it finishes after this weekend. I have a slight solo and an actual named character at the end, for a change. This may be the only time this actually happens (there's something like 35 parts and only 18 people in the show), mind you, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I may never get a named part, brief solo or lines again!

Previously this year I was in The Producers, Urinetown, Evita (that was a lulu), a 10 minute play festival, and Beauty and the Beast. I probably won't be in any more shows for several months to at least six months because I'm not loving or fitting into the next four shows at DMTC, which is a bummer. I have a few auditions I want to do in Jan/Feb but have low hopes there.

I am currently taking singing lessons from one of my theater friends (Morgan) and tap classes down the street from the theater. Karaoke is happening intermittently as my one remaining karaoke friend, Ashley, had a big ol' heart incident fairly recently and she isn't going so much, though we still talk/go craft store shopping/hang out fairly frequently.

(b) Job: we have a lot less work/drama going on in my office (though I note politically there is a strike going on that is befucking our mail), have more staff members for a change, and I have a new supervisor who is a lot nicer about making mistakes than the most recent one. Most recent one is still around/now my grandboss, which is confusing in labeling.

(c) Mom: she tripped and fell in her hoarder house and dislocated/broke her shoulder the day before Thanksgiving. She is doing as well as can be expected at this point and is being taken care of by her boyfriend, God bless him. Not sure what's going to happen this Christmas under the circumstances.

(d) Crush situation: after a few one-on-one dates(?), he Got Publicly Upset when people thought we were a couple a few months ago. Suffice it to say I truly know how he feels about me now (horrified and repulsed, apparently) and I am trying to get over caring about him after that. I have been avoiding him a lot more since then (which he hasn't noticed) except for when I run into him at social events. I recently caved in and saw/talked to him during Thanksgiving week, which I am not proud of. It's a relapse. I'll probably run into him 1-2 times in December anyway. We're not going to be in any shows together for a long time, so hopefully that helps to get me over caring about him.

I'm still debating whether or not to not give him a Christmas present this year, because THAT he'd certainly notice and frankly, that goes into awkward territory since given that I may run into him again in the future, I'm trying to stay on public good terms for obvious reasons of the occasional run-in with him again/if we end up in any shows together in the 2023-24 season and just not give him any extra care or attention any more, since he doesn't want it.

(e) I have somehow still managed to not get covid. I don't know how I'm managing not to. I got all the shots I'm permitted to get and I have a mask on except for eating, during actual theater shows I'm in and if I'm in a car for a long period of time with people. Fingers crossed and wood knocking that this continues.

(f) Due to (a) and (c), I really won't have much of ANYTHING to do this December or much to blog about, other than making advent calendars (I bought 2 patterns, one to make on my own time and one a daily subscription for an advent pattern a day) and, you guessed it, watching the Hallmark Channel and posting reviews for 2022. I've had to switch to Philo TV as of yesterday, which seems to have some kind of DVR set up going on, so hopefully I can catch up on the past shows somehow.

Today's news:

* In the office today, while it's raining. Bleah on this. NewBoss sympathized with having to slog in in the rain.

* I did a lunch Zoom with Yemi and was telling her the plot of the Hallmark movie I saw last night involved blackmailing a boss (more on this later) in lieu of quitting her job, and she said, "Aren't bosses blackmailing us with money so we won't quit? I think it's an even trade."

* Mail services claims UPS is delivering to GiantOrg again, but if they refuse to deliver to my office, have it sent to mail services. *sigh* I note that since the strike has started, UPS has lost one package of ours that they refused to deliver and is taking another two weeks to replace it. Why do people use UPS? They are the devil.

* Ashley called to say she tested positive. My most recent exposure-to-covid date is Saturday, as one of the ushers at the theater said hi to everyone and then went to dinner with the director and another castmate, then tested positive on Sunday. I also saw Ashley on Saturday before that for a shopping trip/dinner. She last tested negative on Sunday when she went to a friendsgiving (at Debbie's, sigh) and says she didn't do anything after that and got symptoms Tuesday, now tested positive today (unclear if she tested in between Sunday and today). My guess is that perhaps someone at the friendsgiving had it since it sounds like symptoms come in on day 2 these days, or possibly her dad brought it home from karaoke, but who knows. Her dad is still running around without a mask on...SIGH. I don't think I'll be going to karaoke for awhile until I hear of him testing negative, thankyouverymuch.

I tested negative, still, btw.

* Singing lesson: did some exercises and then briefly rehearsed the songs for my next auditions: "Lost In The Brass" and "A Trip To The Library." She still hasn't gotten me the sheet music for these yet (she has giant binders of these things to find them in) so it was just singing off YouTube vids. Both are very conversational songs anyway, but she changed her mind on what part of "Lost In The Brass" she wanted me to do, which was a bit disappointing because I liked the "I shine" section she had me doing before. Then today she was all "Hm, no, I think I want it more conversational" for auditioning for Avenue Q and said to do the section that starts with "Buddy, I'm always Buddy." Not that that's bad either, mind you.

And now I'm off to crochet and watch Hallmark.

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