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Object in Motion, Object at Rest

2006-12-02, 6:30 p.m.

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Hm. This is definitely one of those days where were it not Holidailies, I'd definitely not write an entry.

You know what sucks? The whole "object in motion tends to stay in motion, object at rest tends to stay at rest" thing.

I had various things to do today and I pretty much planned them from going from one end of town to the other. Because if I double back at any point, or go home to eat lunch or something like that, or just plain STOP, I know that means I'll start crapping out on getting things done. And the irritating thing about getting errands done on weekends in this town is that most of the places I have to do them at are only open till six p.m. on Saturdays ONLY.

So what this amounted to is that I ended up carrying around large fragile objects for gift-giving purposes around town because I knew if I took the time to take them home first before I went to three more places, I would get tired and sit down and eat and never move again. And there was a Tripping Incident. Luckily there wasn't an accompanying Breakage Incident- I got damaged more than the gift stuff. Whew.

At this moment, there is a student film show I want to go to in an hour and change. But since my apartment was between craft fair #3 and the show, and I had two hours to kill, yeah, inertia has kicked in and is likely to win this one. The 40-degree weather doesn't help that either, especially knowing that this is a show where they make you wait around outside for a half hour before they let you in. Odds of my going to this show are not high.

Anyhoo, after class and the errand-running, I went to the craft shows- that makes 3 in two days. I behaved myself at one and of course, did not at the other two. Got a large number of fabulous earrings, some beads, some pins, and a bracelet. Shiny. I have learned my lesson: go to the biggest show of them all on SATURDAY, not on Friday, because it was too packed to move on Friday last year. Hell, the show I went to on Friday is normally emptying out by the time I get there, and it was still in full swing.

And speaking of crowds... I know it's a good thing for the improv troupe and all that suddenly they have achieved a massive fan base despite only having notice of a show going out for 24 hours ahead of time. I used to go to their shows and a fourth of a classroom was filled. This time? Fucking FULL HOUSE. So on the one hand, yay for them getting money.


Yes, I'm aware that people in this town have to travel in packs of 12 to any social event. But shoot, if you and your best 12 friends are attending an open seating show and show up say, LATE, guess what? No, you are not going to be able to find 12 seats together. Or in this case, any seats.

I'll admit, I got there right at 8 p.m. because the newspaper got the venue wrong and I had to go to the other side of campus (and ended up with a seat in the very back), so that might have been a factor for other people. But really, should people be showing up 45 minutes into the show? Should they still be allowed to get in? And above all else, should I have to listen to them all wandering in packs at the back, talking about how they can't find any seats, instead of accepting reality and standing against the nearest wall for 2 hours?

Not to mention the ones that got inventive and sat down on the steps next to me. This is not bad, except for the part where now that this is a Big Deal show, there are now Aggie Hosts policing it. And every 10 minutes, someone and their friend would sit on the steps, then the Aggie Host would come up and tell them they couldn't do that. Eventually, those people would leave, and 2 minutes later, 2 more people would sit on the steps. And then the Aggie Host would come...repeat for 2 hours.

Maybe this is why I didn't think the show was quite as good as before, I kept being distracted by constant yakking and foot traffic. There were some good moments, though, such as a skit about two campus tour guides battling it out in a round of questions. One question was, "I just moved here and I can't ride a bike, what should I do?" The tour guide rattled off at the speed of light, "Don't start now! Ride the bus!" Heh.

There was also a juggling act during the intermission, which involved much rump-shaking and some knives. Whee!

I have been on good terms with Mom (surprisingly) for weeks now, even over Thanksgiving. Well, ruined that record last night. She asked how the show went, I told her, and then she was all, "Why do you have to be so cranky? Why can't you just be happy?" Hey, if I talked through some movie she wanted to see, I think she'd be annoyed, right? Anyway, then she starts going on about how I'm so bitchy and why can't I just turn it off and be cheerful. You know, like she does.

For crying out loud, she's been whining to me for two weeks now about stuff at work (my shrink made some "uh, yeah, she's doing the martyr thing again" remarks about that), and I haven't said a word about HER being whiny. I gripe about distracting people at a show one night and suddenly I'm Queen Bitch of the Universe and she's pouting?


Yes, this is the kind of thing you've been missing out on when I wasn't updating. What a loss :P

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