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2008-12-02, 1:47 p.m.

Well, it's not Holidailies yet, but I might as well practice.

Nothing much to say today. I had my last serger class last night and ended up literally pulling this skirt out of my butt. It was great.

Serger class has been awkward. I know how to run one now, but when it came to figuring out what to WORK ON in the class, I was stumped. When you are taking a sewing class, they usually want you to come to the first one with all your supplies pre-bought. Which I did because my driving instructor took me over there :), but the instructions were to buy "a bunch of different fabrics." I did that, but I had around a yard or so of everything for samples/messing with, and that wasn't enough to make oh, any of the patterns she had on hand suitable for a serger. Oops. (Yes, I told her this last night, so hopefully future folks won't have this problem.) I had been pretty well stumped as to what to do after the demo of the day, so mostly I was sitting around making pillows as presents. So I am pretty pleased that I managed to come up with a garment from scratch for myself. See, this is why I love T-shirt reconstruction projects (and now teach it!). It's so winging-it friendly, which most fabric to me is not when you have to iron and prep it and put on interfacing and a zipper or whatever.

I am taking off from work tomorrow in order to (a) pack, and (b) catch up on 17 hours(!) of television on Hulu that I haven't seen during November. You know what's nuts? The fact that I am going on a four-day cruise and yet I am supposed to have like 3 different outfits (swimming, day wear and dressup for nights, not even counting gym clothes) per DAY. How the hell am I supposed to pack light here? Oh, wait. I want to make an effort to go there without a stuffed suitcase, but that ain't happening, is it? That is kind of ridiculous.

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