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Covid's Causing Drama Again

2022-12-02, 5:32 p.m.

Advent Calendar Update: I spent like 3 hours making yesterday's daily project, a flamingo, didn't get to making any more ornaments for the other calendar. However, today's project hasn't sent, so I've been working on other ornaments. (Oh, wait, turns out it's just in the Ravelry email.)
I opened the Lego advent calendar I got at the end of last year and I have no idea what I'm assembling. Oh well, at least one can eat the candy one without difficulties.
And so far I couldn't get the Jacquie Larson one to open the day yet? I'll have to monkey with it later.

I am a fan of Gatsby the corgi and he's been diagnosed with nose cancer and probably has maybe about a year to live. Ergo, I ordered the (probably) last calendar his owner is putting out, and one of the last of the stuffed Gatsby's he got made. Those arrived today and the stuffed Gatsby is even cuter in person, I must say. I posed him for pictures with my royal stuffed corgi from England, Lili. Sooooooo cute. Will need to show to corgi fans later.

I woke up this morning to see that Elon banned Kanye from Twitter. What a delight. I schaudenfreude-watch these asses on my other blog so I won't repeat it here, but how bad do you have to get for your soulmate in stupid evil to think you need to be banned? HMMMMMMMMMMM.

I post this as an FYI for anyone who was told they were "too old" to get the HPV vaccine:

So a few days ago I read online that people under 45 are (now?) technically still eligible to get an HPV shot. Now, when those came out years ago, they had declared me Too Old And Already Diseased, which made me quite pissed off. This week I'm due to get my Depo shot and was making appointment arrangements for that with the new shot nurse, so two days ago I messaged if I could get the HPV too.

I got some random phone call from some other nurse (in Sacramento?) yesterday, saying I could just drop by the triage department and get it, to which I was all, "Um, there is no triage department?" and the same nurse messaged me saying they'd set up an appointment. Totally confused, I just figured I'd ask my shot nurse tomorrow.

Other note: my HMO is now making you check in online the day before, which was pretty stupid. Either they had to text you a message--which it took them 25 minutes to do, and by that time I assumed it hadn't worked, and I caved in and printed a QR code to do same while I was at work. Today I go in, hand over my card, and then say, "Do you want this QR thing?" and the guy was all, "Literally it's the same info as swiping your card." So I was all, what was the point of this, then? Who knows?! I note the online check in does nothing, they aren't even asking you about covid. So after that, I go to sit in the waiting room and a lady walks in and the security guard tells her to check in and she's all, "Oh, I already did that online." I'm all "I ... don't think that works, you'd really better go up to the counter," so she did, and the counter people were all, "Yeah, we don't know WHAT that is, they didn't tell us about it, they just rolled it out..." I didn't end up talking to her again because I got called in myself, but I'm glad I told her or else she would have sat there forever.

As for my actual shot, the nurse said "Oh, I was working on that all day yesterday." My gyno has permitted me to get the shot--she said some people are eligible and some are not, I am because I never had a bad Pap smear test. Though I guess there was some debate about the age limit being 44 instead of 45, which made me choke. Anyway, I got the first one while there today, get another one after 30 days and another after six months--I said "but then I turn 45" and she said it was ok as long as I'd started now.
She also said she heard about the age limit 10 years ago and was pissed off too.

So, I now have the first shot! Woo hoo! I have booked #2 for the same day I already have to be out at the dentist in mid-January.

In the play, someone got it...Omar (I think this is his 4th time getting it? He works in a school), a.k.a. Ghost of Christmas Present, has gotten it. Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't canceled the show over this because god knows we don't have understudies for major parts at all whatsoever. All the director said was "come at 5 p.m." to redo things. I dance with him in the Fezziwig number so she said I'd be partnering with Morgan, but beyond that, WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!? Does anyone even know his part to do it? Like .... shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Plus he does a lot of the lift stuff so I imagine they may need to cut those bits.


This is a bummer. I like Omar and he's really good in the part and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and what the hell are they going to do now?!? She didn't say beyond that. I have assumed that if a lead gets it, the show ends (it's last weekend anyway and god knows it ain't been a seller). Hell, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm going to be posting this entry early and then heading out to see what the hell happens. I'm glad I arranged my schedule to not have to work in the office today (plus it is a super slow day, I've been out of much to do besides answer questions since 11:30) so I can at least leave at five, if not be "on time" (but seriously, asking people to come at 5 is probably too early for the working stiffs).

And Ashley called, saying she's waiting on a PCR test, will probably test positive (apparently her home test faded on her later and she didn't take a photo right away) and will probably be admitted to Stanford ASAP. after that because covid has weakened her heart permanently, plus the previous right-side-heart-failure.. Also says this is her third time getting it, she just didn't bother to test/confirm after the concert she went to for #2. Me: Um, probably should have checked that.

She said about her dad, I told him I probably got it from him and he got mad and went to karaoke. He's not testing either. Oy fucking vey. So, things are fun at home. (I don't think Jim is in the best mental state anyway in general... but man, my dad would have probably reacted the same way.) She was all "I was trying to be safe" and I was all well, um, y'all need to be wearing masks in public, even at karaoke, and you know that. Because well, shit happens, sigh.

Anyway. This is a drama filled day and I'm going to post this now or else I won't have time. I need to finish eating, put on dance clothes and get ready to run out the door at 5. Wish everybody luck.

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