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2003-12-03, 10:39 p.m.

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Not much happened today, besides the start of the interminable meetings that will fill up 90% of my month at work- they're getting an new system and have at least three hours a day (if not more) of training time a day for most of the next few weeks, starting on Friday. Ugh, though I must say it does not look like 3 hours a day worth of hard to learn so far.

Oh, and I STILL haven't gotten packages mailed because the damn ATM was still broken. I came upon it today and found a piece of paper taped to it and accompanied by a pen. The paper said, "Sign this if you think this mac. is a piece of crap." I nearly signed right there, but restrained myself, plus remembered that it wouldn't do any good. Gave up and hiked to the bank after work, which uh, led me past some stores, and I got more beads. Yes, I am bad. This shit is my crack.

Dave applied to the local JC today, finally, and is going in for financial aid and a doctor's appointment tomorrow. And an interview the day after that, though I fear mentioning it here will jinx it or something, so pretend I didn't say it, ok? Heh.

And I've spent the evening looking at advent calendars and halfassedly watching Someone Like You. Not much to write about.

So instead...

I'm going to do some random dream analysis for you. What the hell.

I hate dreaming. I'd be very happy to not ever remember a dream again. I don't enjoy them, which people don't seem to understand. It's not that I have weird, unanalyzeable dreams or something- mine are just transparent as to what they are symbolizing. And they suck.

Things I Dream About:

(a) Movies, books, and TV plots: Somehow I mix myself up into the plots of these things, i.e. dreaming I'm on a soap opera. Last night I dreamt about going out to buy a book on my wish list. Strangeness. And yet, these are by far my most pleasant and interesting dreams because they don't come off as real enough to throw me when I wake up in the morning, plus they're entertaining.

(b) Chasing Dreams: These are my nightmares; where I'm always being chased by something or other, I hide from it, it finds me, the chase is on again. (From what I hear, that's the plot of every Lemony Snicket book too.) The most infamous of these dreams was the one where I was chased by the family television. Sorta. Well, it could turn itself back on again after I turned it off, and I was in the house hiding from some monster outside, and the monster broadcast itself onto my TV, roaring that he was going to get me.

I haven't had one of these in years; I did the old tried-and-true dream-ridding activity of adding a happy ending to the dream when I woke up and they haven't been back. Try it, it really works.

(c) Late Dreams: This probably comes from (a) my mother's insistence on me having perfect attendance throughout school, and (b) my own analness about not being late. In my dreams, though, I am tardy as all hell. I showed up to class late, wandered OUT of the class while it was in session, wandered the campus...

The weird thing about it was that whatever school I was attending at the time, I usually dreamed I was on the campus of the previous school; i.e. dreamed I was late on the middle school campus when I was in high school. I don't really have these dreams any more either.

(d) Pregnancy Dreams: I had a fair number of these back in the day when the only way I could have gotten knocked up was through God. Usually didn't actually remember having sex in the dream, but it'd suddenly be nine months later and I'd be huge and in labor on the floor of a hotel. These had stopped by the time I uh, would have actually had something to worry about, but I had another one a few months ago, where I dreamed my mother was pissed at me for getting knocked up like my aunts. I hate these dreams.

(e) Sex Dreams: To be honest, there's really not much to this at all. Dreaming about sex with real people I know? Pretty much doesn't happen. I have very occasionally dreamed about having sex (and sadly, the details of this rather sucked too) with imaginary people. Dreamed I boinked my first crush once, looooong after that was over, and *shudder* once I dreamed I boinked Luke Perry. God help me. Even my sex dreams suck, really.

(f) Ex Dreams: Had these in great profusion right after getting dumped. Always that we got back together. Torture to wake up. I had to stop these dreams (can't put a happy ending on them, right?) by not sleeping for a few nights.

You see why I don't like them, eh?

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