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2005-12-03, 10:16 p.m.

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I love dollmaking. Love it, love it. It's so surprisingly easy.

I also went back to the gym, worked out really hard, and went to a student film showcase.

So, (as usual) I had a lovely day until Mom called, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I could categorize it all as:
(a) Lots of stuff of hers is broken, including the toilet, the van, the spa, and the backyard.

(b) Plenty of people have offered to help her with these things, but have all flaked out.

(c) Including Mauricio, who "was asleep" and now she's mad at him.

(d) And the lawn guy she called showed up late, but at least he seemed to know what he was doing.

(e) Meanwhile, my cousin Ron who claims to own and operate a lawncare business, completely fucked up Mom's backyard.

(f) And charged her $5000 for it.

(g) She is massively, massively, massively sick of Dad's family being a bunch of jerks who don't care about us and won't help her with anything and act like santimonious asses.

(h) She's sick of people flaking out, period. (Welcome to my world.)

(i) "I am so close to tears at every single second of every single day."

(j) She REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY DOESN'T want to see them for Christmas.

(k) At this point, she just wants to see Janelle.

(l) I asked her, several times, if we could just skip seeing them on Christmas Day as well.

(m) I got a "We'll see" on that one.

(n) I said, "This year, I think you're as likely to blow up on them as I am." She said, "I have a lot of restraint." I said, "Me too, but we've about hit our limit."

(o) I pretty much demanded she go see a shrink. Which will probably not happen, really.

(p) *sigh*

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