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Craft Exchange Party

2016-12-03, 10:09 p.m.

My day at work was okay, except for the part where I asked my old boss something (I have been put in charge of yet another thing I’ve never dealt with before and is special snowflake exception territory and I know I don’t know which rules this has to follow and which this gets magical exceptions for) and instead of answering it, she was all, “What do YOU think, Jennifer?” Uh, if I knew, would I be asking you? Remember, never did this before! I took a guess, the guess was wrong, and there I am in trouble again. Gaaaaaaah. But I can’t defend myself or else I get in more trouble.

Though other than that, I was left alone for most of the day and I got to go hang out with someone I’ve wanted to get together with for a long time and teach her how to crochet. It was delightful and she unexpectedly gifted me with some Malabrigo yarn. Also, one of my other knitting instructor new friends has lined up a room for us (and whoever we invite) to hang out and play with yarn and learn during lunch for the next two Fridays, so that is coooooooool.

After that was the annual Craft Center party. This was different from the usual auction. For whatever reason, the second adult manager at the CC was taken away by upper management last year, and the remaining adult manager decided that putting together the auction by himself was too hard and he didn’t want to deal with it. So instead it was dubbed a “craft exchange” and people were to put out piles and swap items with each other.

Months ago when I was moving, I dropped off two boxes of sweaters and jewelry at the CC for the auction, so that was a little awkward for me. I couldn’t come over to set up my pile on my own due to being busy the last few days, so I had the aforementioned manager put stuff out for me. I probably should have labeled them--and put out a sign saying, “Hey, take whatever, I don’t care about swapping!” so more stuff would have gone. I also didn’t exactly hang out in the swapping corner much tonight, I was stuffing my face, helping people find craft items, advising people on projects, taking photos, blah de blah otherwise entertaining myself.

I did do one swap with someone--she got a very fancy sweater of mine that I’m sure will fit her much better than me (she has smaller arms/longer torso) and I got her very fancy glass blown ring of awesome. I also gifted another girl with another sweater of mine that she looked really excellent in, better than I ever did. Man, I wish I had a longer torso! And a third was taken by the manager, who was thrilled to get a sweater for his sister and was excited when I told him the story behind it (it’s a sweater from one of the Hunger Games movies, except in “girl on fire” colors rather than gray). Again, hopefully it looks better on someone with a longer torso! Other than that...I’m not sure what to do with the rest of the stuff. Ah well.

I haven’t seen my friend Jamie in a while (she’s been working nights for the last two years, recently got fired for calling in sick once, don't you just love service), but she was at the party and we hung out and she walked me home and then checked out my new apartment and the entire bookcase of fiction and told me what movies to go that was fun. We’re talking about having a craft night later next week, and I’m talking to Dawn about having Gilmore Girls nights then too. Because no sooner do I clear my schedule then I start cramming it up again, y’all.

I also did something a little doofy today: the aforementioned potential new friend and I had discussed seeing Doctor Strange in IMAX, but by the time I got around to being all, hey, you wanna go, I’m free tomorrow, and her saying yes, and me actually LOOKING THIS’s not playing anywhere any longer. Darn it! (No, I’m not good at keeping up with movies.) So I’m not sure what’ll go on with that as yet. I kind of feel bad about getting back to her so late, but I got distracted by Jamie and vice versa, so there you go.

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