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2020-12-03, 6:44 p.m.

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I reported the disposal to management today. What I DID hear from them early on was an email saying they are banning space heaters because some people set off electrical issues/blew their power out. They actively want to confiscate them from you and you are to turn it into the office. Um, no. I will not turn it on, mind you, and I haven't all year, but I'm not gonna hand it over to you either. That's....much.

For the record: my heater hasn't worked for most of the time I've been here, basically. They claim it does. They also haven't turned on the pilot light in the last few years either. I haven't bothered to do anything about it because we do not have central heating here and if the heater does work, all it does is blow hot air at the ceiling, so that's no good. This is why I have a space heater. I haven't used it much because yes, I'm aware of the flame potential and all that jazz, but the option is around if I'm dying of cold.

Mostly I am just in the kitchen area, which is the warmest area of the house, wearing three layers anyway, so that's fine. My bedroom is frigid because it's closest to the outside, but I'm only in it to sleep and drown in a pile o' blankets, so whatever. I used to use the space heater just to have it on while I get dressed, but for obvious reasons, no need to do that this year.

Here's the thing though: yes, space heaters are bad and cause power outages and fires and whatall. But why do they exist? BECAUSE A PERSON CAN'T GET ACTUAL HEATING IN A BUILDING. That's why there's always space heater wars in offices. You want people to not use the space heater? THEN YOU GOTTA HAVE HEAT IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING. So you're basically saying "just be cold, then?!" And I'm saying this in California, where it ranges from about 30-65 in a day in winter, not somewhere with real weather.

Later, I heard back from the manager and she said there is a blockage at the neighbor's and they will have a plumber from 3-6 working on her place and if they can't get it there, they'll have to come over here. Okay, fine. I heard the plumber start rooting around in the walls at around 4:45....and he had it fixed by 5:15. He did knock on the door to get me to test it, but the water now goes down the sink on its own accord without my having to run the disposal to get water to go down. YAAAAAAAAAAAY.

News from my mail:

* I saw an email advertising a very odd but pretty yarn that was $6/ball with a 4 balls for $10 sale, so I bought four balls. I bet they just want to get rid of the stuff, but what the heck, it was all $15.

* I got the Baby Yoda sweater I ordered from and opened it after three days of touching purgatory, and it is SUPER CUTE!!!!! Huzzah! I will probably live in it all December once I change clothes again--this week is pink sweats all week because that is how life goes these days.

* The Baby Yoda calendar that is supposedly shipping to my mom's? Doesn't seem to have showed up there today. I got a notification for a package showing up (though I had none show up here physically otherwise today, despite my mail notifications) and it was just the DVD I bought Mom showing up. Very confusing. I sent a complaint to the calendar vendor and they blamed it on Amazon and said there was nothing they could do and uh.... clearly aren't great at English, sigh. Not ordering from them again, clearly.

In other news, California is apparently going to go back to shelter in place soon, which Hope found out and was bummed about because her kid is turning 18 next week and she was going to take him to TopGolf "since we can't do much of anything else." I said my birthday in shelter in place was a gaming one, if that helps any. Everyone's special days is a big waste this year. I dunno, for me it's not anything different in daily life now. But I think it sounds pretty stupid to say "everyone's officially on shelter in place as soon as the beds are gone in a few days" as opposed to, I dunno, doing it right now? (As one of my coworkers said, everyone's gonna go out and get haircuts real quick.) Can't really make plans these days very well. I did make plans to drive to a coworker's house this weekend to drop off the Pikachu I made her, but that's about it for Outside for me.

I got an email from my old director Linda saying she saw Charlotte's Web and "I keep forgetting to tell you how much I loved the production of Charlotte's Web. I saw it last Friday, your last performance. It was adorable and the techniques used were awesome. I was so happy to see others using creative applications." Awwww! Well, I'm glad she liked it!

After work I listened to a talk on Covid depression and watched a webinar about mindfulness. I liked how she said we pay about 50% of attention to everything...and here I am knitting and looking up stuff while she talks. I assume I have ADD :P

I mentioned Pick A Card yesterday: this is a YouTube tarot reading thing where the reader proposes a question--usually something along the lines of "soulmates in separation, what's he really thinking?" or "What he really wants you to know now" or "Is there a point in this connection? Should you give up on it?" or in the case of the reading I watched today, "A Message You Need To Hear: The Next 3 Months: If I was still any kind of journalist (I wish), I'd write an article on this phenomenon because it's fascinating.

Anyway, the question is decided for you and the reader makes something like 3-5 or so different stacks of cards ahead of time, maybe uses different card decks or positions an object on them or something like that, and you pick a stack. Then there's timestamps where you can go directly to the card deck of your choice. Some readers also like to break out oracle decks, charms, their own designed card decks/messages....they are extremely thorough and frankly, far more in depth/interesting than any readings I usually get in real life. (For example, last reading, this one from a few days ago. It's not bad, but it's not as in depth.) You probably get, I dunno, 10-30 minutes per each deck and the readers like to get creative and in depth and detailed as to what they are saying. Sometimes the synchronicities are just flabbergasting in my experience, like the time where someone had a card reminding them of Freddie Mercury (Scott’s favorite) and said so. Hah.

I especially love them since there are so many dedicated to uh, explaining one’s distant beloved’s thoughts and feelings right now and how they really do secretly love you, they’re just going through their own shit right now and eventually this is going to pay off and they will be with you (or in their parlance, “make you an offer”) eventually. Given the whole crush situation and given that there were months in which we were not talking, I find myself watching these things more for the comfort.

However, I do admit that to some degree it all feels....very similar.... after awhile. Even if some negative card like “Not For You” comes up, the reader will usually focus more on the positive stuff and lean things in a positive light. I think I’ve only ID’d one reader, Lumiere, who will straight up tell you if a dude is a no-go when I peeked at decks I didn't pick. Most of the other ones seem to... well, I don’t watch all 3-4-5 card readings in one go to compare on everyone, mind you, but I suspect most of them may give positive slant regardless. Either that or I am really meant to have this work out someday because that's all I'm picking :P

Tonight’s card reading was from Tarot Cottage (one I do think really leans towards positive every time), about the next three months. Well, I certainly would like to know this information, eh? I picked deck 2. I will note that all three cards I got in my last reading did come up in this one too.

You’ve planted some seeds and something’s brewing and you’re waiting for a relationship/things to pass/movement, and you’re getting frustrated with the wait. But everything’s stalled. The next three months are going to be about growth and change and it’s going to come in. Wheel of Fortune is postiive change--could be taking a leadership role at work (BLECH, I SAY, but since I end up training people, this is not out of the question, sadly), with unexpected timing.

Six of Cups: someone from your past you’re interested in is coming in with an offer, a new beginning. Comes in as a shock/surprise and you don’t see it coming at all. Someone reveals their feelings for you. You’ve always had confusion going on with their love, someone you are very fond of. An offer in the future, will get clarity, the person will return to you within the next three months to clarify their feelings. Changes you’ve been waiting and hoping for.

So....yeah, that's exactly what I wanted to hear, right? This did make me happy even though I know better and odds are extremely high that nothing's ever gonna come of this whole stupid thing :P

There’s a fire that’s been lit and neither of you can escape it, and the hope hasn’t been lost. “Fated changes,” and for many of you it’s this person coming back. Someone you have mirrored feelings for-- yeah, sounds like us. Regeneration, new beginning, Star card in your future.

There is an “Exchanging Gifts” card, you know, December... and then followed by a card that says “Miracle.” Just when you think you’re never going to get anywhere with a particular situation, a miracle happens. :) “You guys are going to have some pretty serendiptious moments in the next few months.” Also, “Bring Love Into The Situation.” “Divine Timing is at play here.”

I allllllllllways get something or other saying it's divine timing (sigh). Besides that, that's more stuff I wanted to hear, right? (Though I dunno on gifts this year, especially if I'm afraid to go anywhere and can't mail him stuff and I don't even know if he's gonna bother giving me anything this year. I would not be surprised if he didn't, since he forgot my birthday and it's a pandemic. I don't expect that he will.) Miracle, needed, and that makes me happy. If it ever happens.

“Stop beating yourself up over past ‘mistakes’” comes up, which sounds like my therapist. There’s a “What are you waiting for?” card and the answer to that is: for him to be ready. Which will probably be at least years from now, plus pandemic, SIGH. There are things happening behind the scenes here that you don’t understand yet, but are working towards your own good.

So that's how that goes. I gotta say it's the nicest future reading I ever got, for what that's worth, if it's worth anything. I should remind myself to check this at the end of February and see if anything happened at all :P

I'm also going to watch a play later, but since Holidailies is on East Coast time, if I want to get an entry up, I have to do it halfway through my California night (grumble). So more about that later....

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