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2021-12-03, 7:14 a.m.

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Day off from work today (by which I mean by the time I post this, Thursday). Yesterday I discovered that Mel Brooks's autobiography is out, so I ordered it at the local bookstore and went out this morning to get it. The guy said it's very popular, so I'm glad I snagged it now.

After that, Dawn picked me and Loretta up and we went on a shopping spree to the Nut Tree area since Dawn hadn't been there before. We hit the following:
(a) Joann's, where I got supplies to make a hat and some yarn to make a skirt like the one in Encanto,
(b) Lunch at Fenton's with lots of ice cream, though a bunch of annoying midgie bugs kept dying in my drink. The waiter brought me a to-go cup with a lid after awhile, thank gawd. Nice guy.
(c) Had fun in the Home Goods store, where I bought a "handheld snowball launcher" for the office party.
(d) Went to that Five Below ($5 or less) store, where I found random stuff like Skittles candy canes, orange vanilla Coke (which I haven't been able to find in months1), corgi socks, Baby Yoda wrapping paper...random stuff, basically.
(e) Went in a few other stores that I didn't buy anything in like Jelly Belly and Cost Plus (restrained myself on that one).
(f) Went to Michael's and bought more rainbow yarn.
(g) Finally went over to Scott's family yarn store at the end of the day, where I bought yarn to make him a hat and some yarn to match the yarn I bought in Auburn. Did talk to him for about five minutes--he came out, spotted me, gave me a hug, and then we talked about rehearsal tonight and how he wanted to go to the bookstore in this town and I mentioned what I got there this morning.

A good time was had by all re: shopping and ice cream.

I got a call from Rae right before I left for rehearsal: I’ll try to recap it: she watched a horror movie alone and was scared, thought she heard a noise outside. I was all “okay, there’s probably nothing out there but move away from the window and put something else distracting on.” Then she was all, “I’m a witch, I’m friends with the devil, and I have a sword!” (note: girl is very Slytherin) and I was all “good, then you can take care of whatever it is.” Then she peeked out the window, nothing was out there, she was fine :P Welp, glad she resolved that one for herself then!

As for rehearsal: Scott arrived at the same time I did, we went in together (he didn’t make it to the bookstore) and sat next to each other again watching the Der Guten Tag Clop Clop (erm...however it’s spelled, I’m feeling too lazy to check) dance number finishing up. Andy is doing a very gay, butt-slapping job of playing Franz, it’s hilarious, and the guys are basically skipping around in circles with each other.

Then we rehearsed the courtroom/”Till Him” scene/song in blocking, the actual singing part was about ten minutes and then instructions about giggling a whole lot in the jury box--”NOT GUFFAWING,” to me, ahem. (Um, what’s the difference?) Other Jennifer is playing the bailiff and Max tries to leave the room and she drags him back in, at one point at gunpoint. “I’ve never held a gun before,” she said. At one point Steve said we all were sounding like pigeons and I was all “Isn’t that appropriate?”

One guy said Scott has...I forget how he phrased it, exactly, but he has something in his voice most people don't have. I said, “yeah, I tell him that all the time and he goes ehhhhhhh” about it. Scott said "thank you" after that.

Rehearsal schedule: it's not up officially yet, but sounds like we are off the 23rd-26th, off the 31st, there is a New Year’s Day cast party at Jean (costume mistress)’s house, then do cue to cue that Sunday, then commence tech week. Everyone will be miked (wah, no, I don't wanna and I'm a nobody, so why?). Also Steve didn’t clarify on set building days but said this would require a lot more painting and who are my scenic artists? I volunteered for that, since hell if I know on building wood things. I assume they’ll just have like, revolving set pieces like usual?

After that, ah, Scott and I were outside talking for a long time again...just like the old days. Pretty much about the show--neither of us were that into Titanic, he has a lot of thoughts on the show vs. what he saw in the movie, costume stuff, auditions (he did some song from A Christmas Story off some website he found that suggests songs for characters...great website!),etc. Oh, and Jim hit him up about karaoke but he didn’t respond, says it’s not great for his work schedule and what if he brings something into the bar. I said ah, literally nobody but me is wearing a mask there so don’t worry about that, but I’m no longer bugging you or anyone else about going any more in winter. He was all “we’ll see,” but, y’know, probably not. Fine.

Three hugs today, for the record.

Yeah, apparently I’m faking normal very well?

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