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Cruise- Day 1

2008-12-04, 8:01 a.m.

Okay, here starts my cruise entries. The photo album is partially up over here.

I'm on a cruise! I am happily not seasick, though my head feels oddly swimmy, like I'm drunk. (I am sober.) But better there than my stomach, so huzzah!
Got on the boat at noon and it took off at 4- good idea to get on early and look at stuff. Had lunch buffet on the Lido Deck- lasagna and chicken marsala and soup and orange desserts and really really good yogurt. (Oddly, I don't have the urge to stuff myself...though it looks that bad with the list of food here.)

There are 16(!) people in this group- organized by a travel agent who's taking out most of her employees. I have happily hit it off with a pair of book nerd sisters- Mom works with one of them. We are currently in the library right now (7:20 p.m.) waiting to go into dinner. I went all over the ship with Paula and Rochelle while Mom napped, yay. Got to see:

* stores: Mostly expensive stuff, some touristy. Well, at least I won't do insane shopping on the boat, though I may pick up a $10 gold purse/shawl to go with my gold formal outfit. They have a store with nothing but $10 formal wear accessories, which is darned convenient.
* library: does have books to borrow, none caught my eye, but lovely lounge.
* very fancy glittery theater. We had the emergency drill meeting in here. Very silly contrast to have orange life vests on en masse in there.
* the clubbing area. Great decor. And sushi bar. And casino- okay, I'm not into that. I am hoping to sneak up for some dancing if I can get Mom to go to sleep- let's hope I can stay awake myself (I've been kind of sleep-deprived for a few nights here).
* Pool areas- lots of spas!
* Grand Atrium: beautiful.
* Spa area: not so much of a favorite. Ka-ching on the spa stuff, but the "detox" and "purify" stuff the personal trainers in the gym keep talking about on the salon tour kind of got on my nerves and sounded like medical BS. Oh well, still want to hit the cardio machines, at least.

Dinner is huge- order as many dishes as you want, period. I had three appetizers and two desserts. Gazpacho soup (really, I just tried that because of Red Dwarf), salad and fruit, lasagna (best dinner of the night, apparently), and really good warm melting chocolate cake and orange sherbert.

I am managing to get along with "the ladies", which is surprising.

There's one lady, I don't know what to make of her. On the one hand, she's nice. On the other hand, she's another travel (well, cruise in this case) know-it-all like my aunt, so she knows everything about every kind of cruise. This has advantages (yay advice) and disadvantages (bitching about the food being better on every other cruise). I don't know what to make of that.

Went to "the show" after dinner. It was...okay. Some dancing, a comedian that was fair to middling. I ended up leaving at 11:15- too tired to go clubbing, sadly. (Then I didn't sleep for shit.) The cruise director's bit in the middle was funny though. He said all anyone does on a cruise is eat. He did the best comedy act of all, really.

Oh yeah, and then they have these in the rooms! More on them later.

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