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2016-12-04, 9:55 p.m.

On Saturday, I went off to a craft fair in old town Folsom and it was marvelous. I spent too much money but...whatever. I bought myself a rainbow crocheted jacket and a vest that I found for pretty cheap that they don’t sell any more in that style, and then a few cheaper things for myself that were whoppingly on sale (rainbow dream catcher, lights, blind gift bag, crazy leggings). Mom usually goes to this thing and buys a ton of watches from this one lady, but she signed up to work her volunteer job today and was kicking herself for not doing it. So of course that meant I had to go over there, photograph the watches, and buy her the watches....Which were all cheap on their own (hence the overbuying on Mom’s part) but when you buy a lot of them....Apparently Mom is one of this lady’s overbuying watch clients, so the lady was happy I showed up. Ha ha. I also got to get Mom some other stuff...I will say that when she doesn’t go to the craft fairs, I can actually get her gifts (earrings, scarf), so there’s that. I had a good time looking around.

After that I drove to what turned out to be Elk Grove to meet Katie (potential new friend/con roommate) because that was the one theater she could find that still had Doctor Strange in 3-D, since neither of us had gotten around to seeing it yet. It was a pretty nice theater that had one weird quirk: they did not list ANYWHERE what movie was in what theater. Not on the signs, not on the doors, nothing. We had to go back and ask the guy at the front which theater: theater 7. Okay, fine, we sat through two 2-D commercials for teenage movies before suspecting that maybe this wasn’t the right show, then went out and asked the guy again, and he supposedly checked his paper in his desk and said theater 2. This turned out to have some MILITARY movie going on, so clearly that wasn’t right. On the third time, some other guy came up and gave us the right theater.

Katie has a service dog that she also trains, and the dog is adorable and yet well, still has that two-year-old doggie energy to be bouncing around. Now, imagine tromping in and out of three theaters with drink and popcorn and dog....I had not been to the movies with a service dog before (my aunt and uncle and cousins attempted to raise guide dog puppies but we didn’t go out with them much to buildings beyond restaurants), so I was curious as to how he would take two hours of sitting. Answer: he did get up and walk around a bit and look for snuggles. Mostly the one loud-ish thing he did was that she brought him a bone and he kept dropping it on the metal grate where a wheelchair would go. I was amused and I didn’t hear anyone in the audience objecting (she does reprimand when necessary), but next week she wants me to go to a 4 hour opera extravaganza thing and I asked how he’d handle that. “He wouldn’t, he’s going to doggie day care.” Sounds about right.

As for the movie (spoilers within, if anyone still cares after a month).....

I liked it pretty well. I was pretty much going for the special effects, which I occasionally will do (Matrix, Avatar, whatever), and I didn’t expect I’d actually comprehend the plot. I more or less got it, so hey! Not so dumb this time! I enjoyed how while the movie isn’t particularly a quotable snarkfest, I enjoyed how they made humor out of character moments. My favorite moment was one where Strange is trying to talk Wong the librarian out of some books that Wong won’t give up. Strange also was attempting to make jokes about one-named people that Wong was clearly not getting and made a Beyonce reference. Next thing you see is Wong listening to “Put A Ring On It” on his iWhatever while Strange is stealing books behind him. I also LOVED the sentient cloak that heavily hinted Strange should grab the body armor rather than the weaponry, and at one point the cloak beat the crap out of a bad guy by itself. Dear cloak: I love you, please be my friend forever. I was also amused by the end scene with Strange, Thor, and Thor’s magically refilling beer. And the trippy building special effects, as recommended by other friends of mine, were really choice and different. And I liked how Strange had to “learn to lose” in order to “imprison” the bad guy. Cool beans. So, good job.

After that, my GPS decided to direct me off regular roads to avoid some accident on 99, apparently. This somehow led me to driving on some long windy very dark and empty road for a long time...which was kind of wiggy and I kept wondering what the hell I was doing out there and what would happen if something went wrong. But fortunately it didn’t.

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