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Tour de Craft Fair

2017-12-04, 6:09 a.m.

I spent the weekend doing what I call Tour de Craft Fair, i.e. touring various craft fairs with friends, of which there were just a shit ton of this weekend. We hit five of them.

* The county craft fair at the fairgrounds: I'm not too into this one because it does tend to have less stuff I am into buying and a fair amount of those shifty MLM home business products at them, but I know a few people at this one, so.... ok. Didn't buy anything.

* The art center one: I'm usually super into this one, but I'm down to one favorite vendor left (I did buy a cute bunny pin from her) and otherwise...I dunno, just didn't feel like getting anything else. I did get some yummy butternut squash soup, though.

* The Folsom Faire: I talked people into going to this one with me this year and it was the best and biggest of Saturday's faires. Mom wanted me to go buy watches for her from her favorite vendor, but that lady never showed up, so.... so much for that. Well, sucks for the lady, but that saved me a ton of money and lord knows I don't think Mom ever did anything with said watches anyway. I didn't get too much at it, I got a cross stitch ornament to decorate for free and I bought Mom a book and otherwise took pictures of weird things.

* Craft and Vintage Faire: I haven't been to this one in a long time--it runs pretty frequently so I pretty much only drop in if I'm around at the time. I wasn't really feeling this one either, though I saw a few things I might have bought in other years, ran into some girl who recognized me from design school ("you on Etsy?" "No.") and otherwise I was just kind of waiting to leave... But there was a vendor who had.... I'll redact it in case the person reads this, but suffice it to say I found something that just might work as a gift for someone. I'm hopeful about it. So go figure, I actually bought something.

* Victorian Steampunk: This was a new one to add to the roster, I saw a listing for it in the paper and got everyone on board about it. We drove out to Loomis and this was pretty cool, and I don't just mean the outfits, or the butterfly I bought from a lady decked out like a monarch butterfly. This place is a combination art gallery, rug store, mercantile, olive oil store, garden store, SEWING AND FELTING STORE AND CLASSROOM (oooooh), nursery, market for homemade goods and a fancy brunch restaurant. Daaaamn. This might have been the most exciting/different thing I saw all weekend.

It is really weird how so far this year I've bought hardly anything at faires. I'm not sure if it's me or them or I've just been going too long and everything I ever wanted has been bought. I feel like I've been in this area too long because I am feeling kind of bored of everything I love* this year. Though my friends on the Tour de Craft were feeling similarly, so I suppose it's not just me on that. The most shopping I got done was hitting the Joann's superstore on the way home. I got a few tacky ornaments (an ugly Rudolph sweater and a drama llama), some yarn, some things for my next sweater, and some paint and a shirt.

* but since I can't even get another job in this area, much less in another area and come up with the money to move away.... I'm planted here like a giant tree.

As for the shirt, I have been trying to come up with what to wear for my acting class scene on Wednesday and haven't really been able to think of anything--I'm playing Beebee in "The Days and Nights of Beebee Fenstermaker" and as far as I can tell she probably dresses about like I do. The scene starts out with Beebee drawing her neighbor Nellie and claiming she's going to be a painter, so I got the idea to paint splatter a shirt. So I got a shirt and paint and ran over to the Craft Center in their last hour open to do that. Yay, now I can finally answer the questions regarding my costume on the homework.

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