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2021-12-04, 8:22 a.m.

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(Friday's entry)

Not much to say about today. It was quiet in the office. Robert decided he wanted to drop by with my present this afternoon, but I wasn't home and apparently 5 p.m. was too late, sigh. I went to lunch with Rachel and talked about yarn and stuff we did, I got Covid tested again, blah de blah.

I did find something really strange this morning on the way to work: a note on the ground. I opened it up and it was one of these paper fortune tellers, written out to my middle name, dated "11:11" (of course, the goddamned hippie catnip of 11:11), and the "You're getting this fortune" part marked off "You're a total cosmic babe" and they also wrote in "I love you!" Later on in the "what's in the stars for you today" section, "Trust your inner wisdom," "The magic is in you," and "You can do the thing. You know the one" are all marked off, and written in is "Pickle ball in your future!" (Note: my mom and her boyfriend play that.) And "today's lucky numbers" has, of course, "11!" written in. Very, very, very odd note, isn't it? Very...sign-y, somehow.

Jackie sent me a large homemade fortune cookie with a note and confetti. Yum. Then later she wrote that she got a girl she inexplicably likes as her Secret Santa person at work and she spent a lot on her (as Jackie does) and wrote her a card about liking working with her, and then she's all "I have no idea why I kind of like her, I'm trying to figure myself out, she's not even my type." I'm all "know how that goes."

Am watching Lucifer's "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" episode with Mike and Jess over Teleparty tonight. Jess and I like Musical Episodes, Mike finds them torture. Much snark is ensuing. We also learned the word "shiggles," i.e. "shits and giggles but with censored language." I laugh and laugh. I suggested naming a corgi that and Jess said "The non-existence of Shiggles the Corgi must end." I note that Buffy's was created by a dancing demon, Lucifer's is created by God.

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