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2016-12-05, 9:13 p.m.

Continuing with the Craft Fair Weekend, Sunday morning I joined my friend Dawn and her work buddies for a Tour de Craft, as I call it. Okay, so this boiled down to “go to two craft fairs” (we skipped a third), but what the heck. The first one was a surprisingly large one being held in some gymnasium-ish building at the county fairgrounds, the second was the usual one I go to at the Art Center.

I was actually pretty impressed with the first one, because I went to a fair there years ago and it was tiny and unimpressive, and this year they’ve got a lot of vendors, so good for them. The Art Center, on the other hand, was now missing several of my favorites (I think only two vendors I buy from intermittently were there) and that was disappointing. I actually didn’t buy anything at either place, which on the one hand is shocking from a shopaholic, but on the other hand, I did get a lot yesterday and restrained myself today from buying anything I wasn’t in love with.

After everyone else went home, I hit the library for (a) the $5/bag booksale, and (b) actually getting 14 library books, followed by (c) hitting the town bookstore BECAUSE CLEARLY I JUST DON’T HAVE ENOUGH BOOKS OR ANYTHING. Good lord, me.

Anyway...I’m going to have to slightly hedge about the bush at this point because I have been looking for things for a certain friend’s birthday and while I suspect she hasn’t read this blog in a coon’s age, it’s vaguely possible she mgiht see it before then. I made her a little weird something-something already, but I wanted to do more because of the suck that is a December birthday.

As I was wandering around the bookstore, I got an idea for another handmade-ish thing (as it were). I’m pretty proud of the idea if I can get it done in time, it was inspired by something I saw in the store and ended up buying. Unfortunately, getting the whole shebang mailed in time is going to be a problem for various reasons of packaging, finding packaging, getting to the post office now that the nearest PO has closed and the second nearest PO is, I’m told, a total trainwreck to try to get through in a lunch hour so you should really be driving to the PO on the far side of town instead. And I defintely won’t be making it to this Saturday’s few post office open hours. Grr. Argh.

Hahahahah, and she just wrote me e-mail asking for my new address and apologizing for not saying much this year. That may change.....

This leaves me with a ridiculously short entry. Feh. What else can I go on about? Well, I finished reading a (so-called) mystery book in a series I read, the Someone Else’s Fairytale series. It features a forensic scientist married to a famous movie star, and I really like the books. However, the last one (“My Wicked Half-Sister”) started out well and then...well, the book’s really short and it doesn’t resolve the case at all. Everything is still open and unresolved. Which is very realistic, mind you (this author does not do “cowboy cop” movie behavior when it comes to the way cases are handled), and the author promises two more books, but... as a reader, that’s frustrating.

I think I’m gonna go work on that present idea now...

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