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Long Foggy Drive

2021-12-05, 10:28 a.m.

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On Saturday I went craft fairing with Dawn and Loretta. We went to the one in Woodland we go to every year (except last year, obviously) Every year they like it and buy stuff at it, and I never buy a darned thing at it. There's a lot of pretty things and well done work, but it isn't anything I'd probably ever use (fancy plates, fancy drink containers, fancy cutting boards), so. The other craft fairs we usually do this weekend weren't running, but this one was.

After that, we drove up to a craft fair where the storytelling festival Dawn and I go to is located--North Columbia Schoolhouse--and very briefly met up with our friend Mary in the area that we've stayed with before. Sadly we didn't get to see her for more than an hour because she had relatives in tow. The relatives seemed nice, they live here and the daughter-in-law seemed to appreciate my trying to encourage Mary to move over here, hah hah. (Mary has decided to move because her husband keeps having medical problems every other week and they need to not be out in the mountain boonies for that.) The granddaughter is auditioning for a Queen (as in the band) musical called "We Will Rock You," love that.

The craft fair itself had fancy things but nothing I felt that much like buying--I pondered some fancy large shorts, but I wasn't that "in love" with anything I saw today enough to buy it. Sigh. It was pretty small for the long drive over there and Dawn said between that and seeing Mary for so short a time, timingwise it might not have been worth it. I'm really bummed that I can't go craft fairing again tomorrow with them because I said I'd do/run collage club tomorrow and now I don't really wanna go because I want to do other things, and I can't cancel or postpone it because I did that the last two weeks and next week will be even worse for availability.

However, when looking for lunch (no lunch food anywhere in San Juan) in Grass Valley, we managed to find a cafe with outdoor eating and it was next to a large, fancy bead store, which is the one place I bought anything. I bought supplies to make myself a glasses lanyard--I might as well since I don't have them on my face as much during pandemic--and a beaded ornament making kit and a few bead packs.

I note that it was foggy AF all day until we hit Grass Valley and then once we passed through there again it was foggy AF again. Apparently it was just fog soup all day down here, according to Dawn's husband.

I felt kind of carsick in the windy mountains today--blech, that's backseat riding for you. But I finished two books and got a piece of knitting done, so yay for that. I also had the mask on all day long except for eating, somehow felt too hot for most of the day (it was warmer outside of the fog) and I felt sweaty in the mask all day and night. Blech. Oh well.

Dawn's happily wearing her duster around and even found a matching blouse for it. Also, have figured out a gift for Loretta--she wants a hat like I have (that aren't sold any more) and like I made for Dawn several years ago. Hopefully I can find that pattern again.

Things I watched today before and after:

I watched The 4400 (reboot version), first two episodes. I'm really liking it so far.I can't figure out for the life of me if they are in OUR REALITY PANDEMIC 2021 or not because sometimes the guards wear KN95 masks and sometimes they are not, and they have plastic barriers up in a meeting room, but otherwise people are wandering around like normal, both guards and prisoners. Nobody seems to have informed the prisoners of a pandemic, nobody's really mentioning it, but it seems like there's some quarantine protocols going on?
Anyway: this group of 4400 abductees is "let out" late at night in a park in Detroit so the rest of the world doesn't know about it, and they all get rounded up and imprisoned in some hotel, where they are all quite ticked about being locked up, and obviously the time gaps are screwing with people, particularly those who had kids before they were taken. But it's more about being locked up than the powers, so far, which are being slowly revealed.

Today's Lifetime movie: Match Made in Mistletoe. The new Balmarian (think like Denmark, its neighbor) ambassador, Magnus, finds decorations "distracting." This makes things awkward when a girl named Emily, who's HIRED TO DECORATE THE BALMARIAN BALL, shows up. "What do we do about people who don't want too much Christmas at the Christmas ball?" LOL. Emily and Magnus's daughter Lily hit it off immediately.

The royals like to call Magnus on video chat and razz him a bit. They are Very Snoopy about this hot decorator and like her Balmarian color palette.

Magnus wants to install a non-negotiable SCOREBOARD regarding charity donations. Hm, he's unaware that it will shoot off confetti when it wins. Hm, let's not tell him this, Emily and the other lady working there decide, to their own private amusement.

Some rich potential donor/jerk named Dan Danvers annoys everyone. He and Emily Have History of a non-friendly nature. Which is to say, Dan tried to buy the tree farm and Emily talked her mother out of it. Note: she grew up on a tree farm, Magnus apparently grew up on a reindeer farm.

Everyone convinces Magnus to get together with Emily. Magnus makes excuses like "What would people think if I spent more of the charity money on decorations?" and "but decorum and propriety!" It's kind of hilarious how often people keep talking about those words when really, it's not like strippers are mobbing the embassy and everyone seems perfectly polite and the most uncouth thing I've seen so far is Dan accidentally stomping on a ball ornament. Really, it's just this one guy Arvid who is getting all prim and proper about people writing articles about The Ambassador And The Decorator. I know it's Washington DC and all that, but would anyone super care about this? Arvid does, as he kicks Emily out of her own ball for supposedly sending pictures of herself to the press, which um, DUH SHE'S IN THEM, I DON'T THINK SHE EVEN COULD. Geeeez, dude. Meanwhile, Dan continues to be vaguely sleazy but I don't know why, other than he's kinda egotistical.

WAIT, MAGNUS RELEASED THE PHOTOS BECAUSE HE WANTED TO BRAG TO THE WORLD ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP?!?! Um....what? "I can't deny my feelings, even if it means losing the respect of the Queen." Awwww. I also enjoy how Emily's mother gets all WE NEED TO TALK in Arvid's face, he apologizes, and she's all "Good talk."

Today's Hallmark: Eight Gifts of Hanukkah: This one features Eve from Lucifer, a fact I'll need to mention to my TV pals. This is also clearly one of those "girl ends up with her longtime best guy friends" movies even though she does meet some hot dudes right off the bat, including one hot blonde and one guy at her work. "I can't find my glasses." "Have you checked your face?" "Those are my spares." This is how Sara the optometrist gets asked out. I note the place she works at is "Eye See You."

Fun fact: while hanging out with Loretta today, at one point she was all "It gets kind of boring lighting the candles after awhile." I thought of this as they lit candles in this movie. Dreidel game is a lot more exciting with sports narration, I note.

Glasses Guy is super awkward but also sweet and honest about his interest. "I spend my life talking to computers, so my social skills are a little lacking." He also offers to take the corporate jet to SF for dinner. There's also the hot redhead English chef she gets to cater. I admit I like this one.

52 minutes into the movie, the best friend says he's giving the gifts and trying to figure out if they are bashert or not. "It could be anybody." "Who's anybody?" She names four guys, not the friend guy. Uh..."the possibilities are endless," friend guy says when asked. Literally, this is the same plot as that 12 Gifts of Christmas(?) secret admirer one, except in that movie the secret admirer was actually her dead mom leaving gifts for the dad (yeah, that was weird).

I can't come up with much to say about this. I like the girl, she's certainly cute and sweet. Pining Best Guy Friend is pretty boring, but literally always underfoot and pining and you just want to yell at him SACK UP AND SAY SOMETHING ALREADY, ESPECIALLY IF SHE'S DATING LIKE THREE OTHER DUDES + THE EX or whatever. Honestly, I'm more into the guys she's dating than Mr. Steadfast and Boring. The guy in Ghosts of Boyfriends Past was cute and charming, this guy is just...okay? Whatever?

Paul the ex tries asking her out and she's not really into the idea. "I can't, I'm going to watch the menorah lighting with my family at the community center." Me: good lord, they have to squeeze a lighting ceremony into every movie. Also, HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LIGHT THE MENORAH? could get a bite before or after because it ain't gonna take hours. I get that she's over the ex and that's cool, but it's kind of a lame excuse.

One hour and forty five minutes into the movie, DUDE FINALLY SACKS UP AND TELLS HER, all offended that she never once thought it was him. Awkwardness ensues.

I do feel bad for the other dudes at the "Mazel Ball" when she suddenly has to turn all the other dudes down. One of them guessed who, of course.


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