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Pre-Party Shopping

2003-12-06, 12:51 p.m.

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Mainly I'm just writing right now to get an entry in in time. Not much to talk about until tomorrow, after I go to the Sacramento-area "Thank God It's Over" party for NaNo. (Which Jenipurr is also going to, so presumably you'll get two accounts of this on Holidailies.) I really do need to kick my ass into writing again, at least for more than one day. We're supposed to bring a page of the novel, and I'm bringing this section (login: nanowrimo password: lurker) where Nicola goes to talk to a college class and has a breakdown. We're supposed to bring food or a drink, gah. I had Dave make cookies because otherwise mine would not be edible (now we want to sneak them), and I bought a 12-pack. I figure if I'm bringing 2 I have to bring both.

Presumably at some point we may leave the house before the party, as this seems to be one day out of the weekend that doesn't have pouring rain yet and I'd like to do some shopping. I have to get some kind of "white elephant" gift for the Wednesday work party, and I can't just avoid the whole gift thing the way I did last year. I think I'm going to go to the toy store here and get a gag gift, they've got boxes of cheap toys and the like. I'll see if they have any Star Wars Legos around for Jackie's Christmas gift, but I don't think they have them any more there. And also to go look around for my Pagina Claus Pal stuff- there's a few things on the list that I liked too and highly recommend, so I'll see what I can find. And uh, I want Chinese food. But since it's around 1 p.m. right now, who knows if we'll actually leave the house.

Am rather happy on jewelry stuff right now, as Ro is now coveting the necklace that she bought for someone else. I am going to see if I can find a gold dragon and other beads again the next time I go to Dave's- they have these things here, but in silver. And much to my amazement, more jewelry is being bid on! I just hope I can get it all sent ASAP.

There is an ugly soap opera going on in Dave's town- let's just leave it as there's evidence that Jeremy's cheating, eh? *sigh* I'm not even going there right now. But ugh. We need to kick him.

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