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Beautiful Bowling

2006-12-06, 1:29 p.m.

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So, onto a happier note!

One of the temps in my office is a bowler, and is on the noontime lunch league. Which I have always wanted to join, except you need 2 other people to sign up with, and I didn't know anyone else around who bowled. Anyway, somehow one or two of the people on her team is almost always unable to make it (all three of them have bowled together once so far this year!), so I've been subbing on her team. (More about this and how I used to REALLY suck at bowling here, should you care.)

I have been doing surprisingly well over all, making it into at least the 80's or 90's each time. Considering I used to have to struggle to break 60, this is a bloody miracle. Even on a bad day I've made it at least to an 81 or something.

Today I made it to 115 (120 being my highest game ever so far of late), and with only two strikes and a spare! WOOT! Even more fun, I beat almost everyone but the temp I work with (who claims she stinks. She does NOT. She is goooood.) there. Considering that ah...not everyone on the other team today was so pleasant... that is rather satisfying.

I also enjoy beating men :) (Though to be fair, the fellow on my team is nice and was just having a bad day.)

I also love when everyone suddenly starts getting strikes and spares in the last frame, particularly after having a bad game previously. That's just fun. And there were some breathtakingly shocking spares that came off today- ones that normally would never make it and must have taken a miracle to hit both pins. I wish I'd had a camera.

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