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2012-12-06, 2:50 p.m.

I was going to go to the movies with L last night, but neither of us was that into the idea and decided to get a fancy Thai dinner instead. Good choice. She gave me an early Christmas gift--big ol' real orchids made into jewelry with resin earrings. Gorgeous. I gotta show them off tomorrow-- and wear my hair up all day so my hair doesn't try to eat them. I also passed her my newly-returned copy of "Discount Armageddon" for her plane reading. She said her dad would be excited at a book about cryptids, so hey, lend it to him too!

She ordered a beer with dinner and then handed me the keys (since part of this was to hand off her car before she leaves the country). I found this amusing and made comments about driving her drunk ass home, followed by saying, "I wanted to get drunk all afternoon today, but I stayed sober to drive!" She was all, "I'm sorry!" and I was all, "It's okay! I can get drunk at home later!" Then I proceeded to go home and knit and not get drunk. Allrighty then.

Today at work was the annual holiday party, with our big entertainment of gift stealing. I swear it's our best recreational show of the year. Particularly notable gifts were:

* A package of nerf guns and a package of Depends, put together. We were ah, pretty surprised at the latter one.
* A plastic candy cane filled with small bottles of Pucker and schnapps. That one got stolen a lot--the eventual winner was the guy who brought the Depends.
* A Star Wars mug--originally drawn by the girl I stole the Legos from, and then it got stolen a lot. That poor girl.
* Angry Birds piggy bank--also stolen frequently.
* A Sponge Bob mug.
* A knife set. I love how we've brought booze and weapons to work. Hell, I still have my knife from a few parties ago at work, just in case I decide to cut someone. Er, cake! I meant cake!
* Two tool kits that could also be weapons.
* A wine glass yoke that hangs your wine around your neck.
* Cranium- stolen a lot.
* The lady who makes puzzles got a puzzle.
* The lady who likes cats got a cat candle.
* A stuffed reindeer--stolen at the last minute from someone who wanted it by someone who didn't so much. Sigh.
* I put crackers from Cost Plus (they're those little prize doodads that you pull apart and make a whopping noise), which ended up with a guy who didn't seem to get that they would make a delightful racket.
* And the most infamous gift of the day was "Daisy Dew" before you go to the bathroom spray. Whoever bought that, DAMN. Upon seeing that, whoever had the Depends/Nerf guns at the moment handed the Depends over.

I got, to my delight and office collection, two mini sets of Legos--Hobbit and City truck. I stole that from someone and got to keep it in the end, huzzah! I set them up in my little zen garden at work. Gandalf is being all "You shall not pass!" and guarding the uh, thing he's guarding in the kit. The guy in the truck is all, "I'm gonna mow you over!" The other 3 Lego people in there (custom figures I made at a Lego store--one looks like me and the other two look like Egyptian Village People) are just hanging out in the back end watching the drama.

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