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Improv Dilemma

2018-12-06, 6:12 a.m.

This covers the day of December 4 since I am behind on things.

I went to improv class again tonight. (A monthly improv class is being held in my town by two new small theater groups teaming up.) I was happy that it went on tonight and I had a good time. Several actors from the Miss Bennet show Bev mentioned were in the class since they had a night off, so I actually got to meet them officially. Pretty cool to me, it’s like a celebrity sighting around here when you see these folks in plays a few times a year. I saw Miss Bennet last year and really liked it. They are doing it again with the same actors this year and I am debating whether or not I will try to get over there to see it again. Maybe after this week, as my schedule should be clearing out a bit more.

Anyway, we had a new instructor, Lucas who used to be in I/O, and we had a good time. Mostly we were doing three-line scenes and rotating around in lines as to who initiated scenes. It was great fun and I do like hanging out with these people. There were a lot of crazy fun moments I didn’t get to write down but I really enjoyed in the moment. Lucas said he wanted this to be more of a regular thing so everyone can get to know each other and work together, and I agree there.

That is actually an issue right now. I forgot I agreed to teach mosaic again on Thursdays in winter and since I moved my CC shift to Thursdays this quarter so I’d be free to take improv on the occasional Tuesday, now I am annoyed at the schedule dilemma:

(a) Teach class Thursdays, switch shift to Tuesdays, can’t go to improv once a month on Tuesdays (wah).

(b) See if they can switch when I teach class--looking at the schedule it doesn’t look like they booked that lab for any Mondays, but that might be because something else is booked in there that isn’t glass or something? Come to think of it, they don’t have a whole lot of classes booked on Mondays that I am looking at right now--maybe it’s because there are two days off on Mondays, but usually that isn’t too much of an issue here. There is also one class marked “TBD” on the schedule, so maybe that might be in there Mondays...? (But it’s cake decorating and I don’t think I’d want to do it in a glass lab.) I feel bad making them change the schedule, but then again I made them do it during the summer when I wanted to take an acting class that ended up not running, and they didn’t care too much. Then again, less is running in summer.

(c) Cancel class altogether, which is mildly shitty of me when the schedule has come out.

(d) Move shift to one of the other weekdays, which I usually more consistently have things going on. I will bail on those days for an acting class or Gumbo but am not too thrilled about doing it otherwise. (Note: Gumbo looks like it’s going on in March this year.)

(e) Have shift on Tuesdays and just be out 3 Tuesdays and have to do makeup hours for those three days, which would kind of be a pain in the ass.

(f) Alternately, just don’t do a shift next quarter entirely on Tuesdays and only go into the CC for class on Thursdays. That might be the easiest solution at this point? I was going to take a class this quarter and if I don’t do a shift I don’t think I’m eligible to do that, but at this point I’m willing to prioritize improv over crafting (it’s harder to get people to do!), I think.

I have to figure this out by about Thursday or Friday...sigh.

Oh, and I heard back from the maker of the vest--she liked my website and wanted to talk about my gallery show. I was so excited to do that!

In other news, it started smelling like smoke again here this afternoon. I just thought campus was on fire, which seemed to be the rumor going around the Slack channel, but it was smelling smoky again (even beyond the ah, pot smell at the bar I was at) when I got out of class and when I drove on home. I used to be all blase and whatever about that sort of thing, but now I’m all suspicious. Though if anything is genuinely on fire, I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so we’re probably not doing this all over again. I think. Though as I’m typing, I’m now hearing sirens going off....

Before I close, I will post a link to the Cat-Proof Top-Half Only Christmas Tree because I know some of you will have an interest in it. If anyone gets one, let me know if it works for you!

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