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Making A List, Checking Things Off

2004-12-07, 7:19 p.m.

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Well. I was intending to do Holidailies even before Holidailies started, but I don't think I even got online much during the weekend. Hell, I know I've got one entry on the computer started somewhere, but unfinished.

Anyway, the weekend was fine until the very end, but since this is the official First Day of Holidailies, I'll try not to start out immediately talking about depressing things and get into that tomorrow. I have to pre-write anything going up Wednesdays anyway given my volunteer-all-night schedule.

For once in my life, I am kicking ass on presents this holiday season. I *think* as of today, short of hitting the bead store again or Mom telling me at the last minute she wants me to make jewelry for all the relatives again (which I don't think she will, because she bought every single female relative jewelry this year on Black Saturday), I am done buying gifts. I have stockings and stocking stuffers for the parents.(Ever since the Santa thing came out of the closet, I feel it's only fair that someone stuff the parents' stockings.)

I got done buying Dad's gifts (stocking stuffers excepted) by the end of Black Holiday Shopping Weekend, which I am extremely delighted about. Not too much redneck stuff out that was new after his birthday, but he's got a new sweatshirt, a odd joke machine item, a movie, stuff like that. I'm still working on Mom's gifts, which are a combination of householdy stuff (see tomorrow's entry for why) and handmade stuff. Upon recommendations from the 3WA folk, she shall be getting the FlyLady book and Julie Morgenstern's Organizing From The Inside Out. Though I am debating with regards to the former if I can just, say, black out the lines that annoy me. Lord, this woman's tone is irritating. She's one of those people who writes "DH, DS, DD", etc., and calls her kids "babies" when they're 35, evidently. Plus, she's religious! Whee! All of which Mom will probably eat up, but will make me nauseous. But her method has sense, and lord knows I have wanted Mom to get some of the things in there for years, so...I'll suck it up. My friends are pretty much done too, except for the folks who are getting handmade stuff. That all has to wait until my knitting class ends on Thursday.

Jess and I are riding the craft bandwagon (as usual). We took a stained glass ornaments (really suncatchers, as these things are too heavy to go even on the fake tree) class. She made an angel as a gift, and I did a stocking to give to Mom and a funky tree to well, keep for me because it's cool. We also went to the bead store last night, and have been messing around with things.

Really, if it wasn't for my family, I'd be having a not-bad holiday season.

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