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Early Bragging

2009-12-07, 8:06 a.m.

Excuse me while I brag, but I am maybe 80% done with gifting for the year. How awesome is that?! Wrapping too.

Here's how come this is possible:

(a) Dad's Side: last year Mom forgot to give them their gifts. She STILL hasn't done it yet to this day, hence why we are on their Shit List. (I love being on their shit list, since I haven't had to talk to any of them all year!) I say that I'm not giving them two rounds of gifts in one year and declaring them done, thanks. It's not like most of them like me anyway.

(b) Mom's Side: they are all getting soap. I took a soapmaking class last month and that is a DARNED GOOD IDEA for holiday gifting. Glycerine soap alone takes maybe a few hours tops to make enough soap for seven people. Score!

(c) Local friends: I generally make everyone different versions of the same thing and let them pick what they like (most of us do this and give individual gifts at birthdays). Since Merry and I took soap class together, we decided to make everyone soap in January.

(d) Bay Area folks: most of them are getting soap, specifically the lye bar stuff I got later on.

(e) Non-local friends: mailed Jess a scarf for her birthday, ordered Jackie cufflinks off Etsy that she wanted. Yay for her having SOMETHING on the list that was findable and affordable and didn't involve me having to go on eBay.

(f) Mom: actually bought her a few things she won't know about ahead of time (alas, she already saw the afghan I made her 'cause I was stupid enough to leave it out to admire it and then forgot she was coming over). She actually TOLD ME something she wanted this year, so I ordered that. And I'm working on another sweater for her that is going faster than expected considering how complicated it is.

(g) The office gift: it's a cow tipping mug. Not as weird as I'd like, but whatever.

In other news, I only spent $75 at craft fairs this weekend. Yes, that's actually um, good for me on the restraint part. Most of it was beads for making jewelry. And I added yet another tiny tacky tree to my tacky tree collection, putting the count of trees at 12. Five of them are around my TV, five are on my bookcase, and I haven't figured out where to set up the biggest two due to the living room being covered in projects again.

And five days into the holidays, I set up my advent calendar :P

So yeah, I am so bragging at how well I am doing for the season.

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