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2011-12-07, 8:15 p.m.

Okay, so Holidailies starts today, then? I'll do a more intro-y post tomorrow, but I'll get this one in under the wire.

(While I was writing this entry, I was thinking, "I think Jette is done with journalling/Holidailies by now as well..." Very glad to see that Richard is taking over. He's awesome. I miss seeing him at writing group.)

Went to the new GP today about this. She was very nice, actual human being, willing to smile and have conversation with you about stuff...A+ from me there. Anyway, she was all, "It might be the start of carpal tunnel, here, wear a brace while sleeping for 6 weeks and see if it totally goes away, or re-use it if it comes back, let me know if it gets worse."

I asked her about another (tedious but TMI--chronic nosebleeds, thanks Flonase!) problem I've had for years and two GP's were not helpful about, and sure enough, got the "go see a specialist" talk again. Sigh. Except now... well, my Zipcar card came in the mail today, so if I want to bother following up on this, I could actually go now.

I have booked my first Zipcar reservation for this Sunday, for 3 hours. I plan on going to a farther away grocery store than I usually go to, using their Coinstar machine because I think I have $30 in dimes and nickels and pennies at this point, and then attending the library book sale so I can drive home the books rather than shlepping a giant pile on my back home.

It's gonna cost me $27 to do this, mind you, which is perhaps a bit ridiculous. But hey, it's practice in a car without someone screaming at me, and learning to drive a Prius, so that's new.

I still wish I had someone who could go along and nanny my ass in the car, though. Or at least keep an eye out while I'm parking. But really, it's about fucking time I started acting like an adult. Not because I really want to be one, but because the older I get, the more fucking ridiculous and sad I become when I stay the same as I was since age 23. I had a lovely moment yesterday where I found out that a coworker of mine (who of course has a house, husband, and baby like all real adults do. And actually passes for being in her 30's and doesn't get the stinkeye every morning for looking like being a possible student when going to work right now, which I do) is actually almost a year younger than I am. That was kind of mortifying.

Back on the wrist thing, I sadly figured out exactly what it is I am doing with the left wrist that isn't happening with the right. Every time I put on my backpack (multiple times a day), the right strap goes on fine, but trying to put on the other strap, the left side always twists up and I have to untwist it...with my left hand. Right on the side where it originally had a problem.

OHHHHHH. Wish I'd figured that out at the doctor's.

OF course, now I don't know how the hell one puts on a backpack without twisting the strap, either. Ugh.

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