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...And Went Straight To The Bar

2021-12-07, 7:59 a.m.

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Another day off from the office today. Slept in, am watching "A Christmas Dance Reunion" (it's dancers, reuniting, and a hotel(?) is closing so let's put on one last show) and am otherwise debating how to spend my day. So far it's a lot of dancing and flirting. At one point Lucy is all "But what if Barrett's not interested in me?" and I wanted to say "Uh, from all the flirting and dancing I'd say he's pretty interested," and then thought OH WAIT, HOW DID IT GO WITH MY LIFE, IT DIDN'T, and shut up. But lucky for Lucy, she's fictional. Anyway, the dancing is nice (it's very Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing at the end) but mostly it was not very plotty. Ah well.

I went out in the middle of the day to do the following:
(a) Groceries, yawn.
(b) I went to my HMO to attempt to get my sunglasses fitted, which it turns out they couldn't do because the darned things are plastic and they still feel like they're going to fall off my face if I move my head enough :( Bleah.
(c) I went to the bead store to get crimp beads, which I am apparently out of or can't find.
(d) I went back to that art exhibit thing from yesterday to listen to the sound thing within the art building, which was locked yesterday. I did not love it--it just sounds like the person filmed empty hallway racket noise--but I did hike all the way up to the top and found a secret graffiti wall, so at least there was some worthy find up there from all of that .Mostly I just thought "I wasted gas to go hear that?"
I note that while walking to the art building I thought "at least it wasn't raining," and then GUESS WHAT.

By 3 p.m. I went back home again to be less freezing. It's a gray, blechy day out, time to spend it with Mr. Television and all the crafts. I watched more 4400. My favorite quote: "It's not my fault you're a messy time-traveling doctor who lives for drama."

Karaoke: I got to go all night long (and arrive early) since I didn't have rehearsal tonight!

* Christmas songs were in effect. I did "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and got one of the biggest reactions I've ever gotten.
* Stephanie had her sister and brother-in-law visiting in the bar. "He just got out of the hospital," Stephanie said, and one of the employees, Jared, said "And came straight to the bar!" Everyone roared. Then Stephanie was all, "This is my sister's request--" and the sister yelled "And don't screw it up!"
* A new girl, Jessica, did so well at "I Will Always Love You" that Walt yielded his time to have her sing again.
* Walt also is throwing an ugly sweater contest on the 20th. I really hope I can go. Universe, could I please not have to rehearse on the 20th? I'm putting that out there...
* Jim told me he messaged Scott and got no response. (I note that I heard the same from Scott Thursday, i.e. "Jim messaged me about karaoke, I didn't respond, blah blah work") I told him what Scott said to me about it, and was inwardly rolled my eyes and was thinking "dude, sack it up and tell him directly you're not gonna go." I kind of want to be all "give it up, he hasn't gone in 2 years, he's never going to again, clearly."
That said, I did end up texting him an amusing photo of a guy with ornaments in his beard and he liked it, and said if he was into thick beards (which he's not), he might try it. Hahahah. The photo is all the more hilarious because this guy is GLARING INTENSELY at the camera and I captioned it "For the man who has his dignity."

It was really raining when I left, hope people like that. I got home without incident, anyway.

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