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UPS Is The Devil

2022-12-07, 6:43 p.m.

Today is Wednesday. I am going to combine some days in entries to catch up, and also I didn’t do a whole lot. Now I am Officially Caught Up...and then I’ll be behind again because I am seeing theater shows three nights in a row.


Work: I really wanted to call in sick, and said as much in our morning meeting. Old Boss was all, "my weekend sucked because I took my kids to a birthday party a week early, then we threw a party anyway," and I was all "hold my metaphorical beer" to that...suffice it to say they got why I was drained and kinda wanting out. But we had meetings today, and I had to check on the mail, and one of my teammates was already out, so. New Boss said I could leave early if I wanted to, but I said I'd suck it up through the day (also I'd like a full day off). I may bail tomorrow for a mental health day.

I will note that UPS once again sucks rancid donkey balls. Good news, they are now delivering to Giant Org again! Bad news, they decided to deliver to our office ON SATURDAY AFTER 5 PM. WHEN THE BUILDING IS DESERTED AND LOCKED. Of COURSE it's gone by Monday. Of COURSE. Why the fuck do people use UPS? They are a TOILET. I have reported it to our vendor AGAIN that they have to send it AGAIN. God, people suck.

My therapist, speaking of people flaking, is flaking on our appointment this week to go have fun at the beach and see a show. I am...not thrilled about this since for once I need to do therapy, plus I'm already pissy at flakes. But as usual, what can you do.

Had a meeting with New Boss about "here's what XYZ means"-type stuff, which was going great, until old boss came in to say that I'm still fucking up again. I just don't feel like talking more about that.

After work: HALLMARK and alcohol. I’ll save the reviews until another day where I can’t get something written fresh and posted before 9. I also browsed the Hallmark Channel sales and bought my mom another Hallmark Channel watching shirt, a similar tea towel (slogan something like "pardon the mess, I was watching Hallmark Channel") and 2 Hallmark Christmas Bingo Xmas cards (I really want the bingo cards but don't have a lot of people to play that with) to pick up at the Hallmark store when the towel comes in around the weekend. Also got it all for less than $50, so score there. Mom has suggested we stay in a motel for Christmas, which I am totally down with, albeit not sure how that would go with regards to Roger.

Tuesday I called in sick today and went back to sleep gloriously until noon, when Mom called (SIGH) wanting to immediately know my holiday plans. To which I was all "I don't know, are you even up to doing stuff?" She admitted she won't know until her doctor appointment on Friday, so that's tabled for now. The agreement was to stay in a hotel room near the old hometown for X # of days and possibly just sit there watching Hallmark for days. I know of cool activities going on up here but I don't think she'd want to stay here and they are at night, and I don't know how much she can walk around, so....maybe? It's confusing.

I also asked if she'd looked at the online advent calendar I bought her (one of those Jacquie Larson ones) and she immediately started fuming that it required a password AND that someone else also sent her one (I'm going to assume the other person sent her the other one on sale and not the one I bought from the year before, so hopefully she has 2 different ones). I said, "I'm sorry I got it for you, then," and then she apologized for throwing a fit, but passwords are irritating--no denying that. It has one password you're supposed to copy/paste in before activating it, it's not one she has to set up regularly, I don't think?

I have heard from Ashley--her PCR test came back negative. "Vaccines work, and I just happened to catch the beginning of it on a home test." She's still kinda sick even though she keeps testing negative, and can't taste anything so we know what THAT means... I'd probably get another PCR if I were her and still sick AND CAN'T TASTE but since she took it last week and only just got it back...She is also concerned that her dad is out partying till 4 every night (apparently he's his own supervisor and nobody's noticing this at his job) and she's afraid he'll lose his job and then she loses her health insurance, but there isn't fuckall she can do about it. "He's lost," she said. At this point I'm thinking maybe he has some mental issues and needs a diagnosis/drugs/therapy/something, but...

Part of my conversation with Mom today was about how there are situations where only someone with money/power can improve a situation, they absolutely WILL NOT DO IT, and therefore nothing is going to get better/will get worse. There's a LOT of things like that.

Advent calendar update: I've made enough ornaments for the tree advent dates until day 20, still have 5 to go. I've decided to postpone working on the daily one until this is done, so I haven't done anything on that, OR on opening the Lego one, and I haven't eaten any chocolates or opened that Jacquie Larson one once December 1 started...I really need to get on this...but anyway, I have been crocheting and watching YouTube videos of the FULL judging of each section of the National Dog Show. Which is adorable but not scintillating to talk about, especially when you know who won, so. Then I watched more Hallmark. I also finished the temperature gauge cross stitch through the end of November. I am going to have to find colors for the 40's since I only started at 50 degrees and went to 110 when charting this...I already had to go out and find red glitter floss to portray 116 earlier this year, now I think I'm gonna have to get some pink shades to do the 40's. Blech!

Wednesday: In office day today. Not totally useless since mail got done for a change (see next paragraph)... I also got a really fat paycheck for the retroactive...whatever we were owed, and my pay has now been raised by $2 an hour, so that's VERY nice.

Good news: the lost Important Documents finally were replaced and delivered to the UPS Store and OldBoss picked them up and I got MOST of them shipped.
Bad news: .... note the "most" of them shipped, because the one UPS one OF COURSE WOULDN'T WORK, because UPS. Thankfully my contact at the intermediary shipping company got me a working one, so I got it out for pickup before I left. Of course, I’d bet money it won’t ship because nobody has ever said if UPS will PICK UP during a strike, mind you....

On a related UPS note, we were supposed to receive a package yesterday and it was refused "due to a work stoppage at the location" and is being sent back across the country to the printer. OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE. So much for "UPS is delivering again!" People keep telling me everything is okay AND IT'S NOT OKAY AND THEY KEEP IGNORING ME. Someone suggested the next package will probably end up in a parallel universe, and that sounds about right for my life.

The protests have been moved to the lawn area near my work, which is a much better spot for those things. I found my protesting friend over there in their free food area and talked to her for a bit. She said she's getting pretty tired of striking at this point and hopes it resolves soon, but protest activity will probably not be going on after this week.

I got written up AGAIN by OldBoss, because I am a failure and I can't stop failing at something people have been making me do for ten years and no matter how often it's explained to me I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT. Ten years of being fucking stupid and I can't explain why I am so stupid at this.

Finally heard from Steve about the free Christmas Story tickets--he said limited amount available, I immediately booked myself one. Problem solved. (I hope Scott oops, doesn't see it and loses out on tickets, solves my damn problem.) Then we proceeded to make jokes about my line from Christmas Carol, "rags and bones" because he wanted to record it and send it to me and failed, so I sent him pics I found off Google. ("Rags and bones man," oy!)

And finally, I went back to tap class last night (I started taking up tap dancing for musical theater) and it was hard. She wanted to do "call and response" for like 20 minutes and man, that was a long 20 minutes of trying to remember exactly what she'd just done and then replicate it without doing it at the same time. There were more people there tonight and some of them are more advanced than the likes of me (note: beginner class is for teens at 4, which I can't do), so she brought up having a beginner adult class at 5...which I can't do either because I have to work an 8-5 job my entire life and will never have flexibility for that sort of thing. Bleah.

I will note that my tap teacher came to the show (UNLIKE MY FRIENDS) and said, "You did great!" So yay there.

And finally, my moment of stoopid: I should probably explain that I've stopped wearing my glasses except for driving/seeing long-distance any more. Both because my eyesight has weirdly improved/is nearsighted anyway, and because pandemic and masks + glasses equals "you can't see shit from fog no matter what you try." So I haven't worn my glasses since I last drove on Sunday and I usually either put them back into their case or drop them in the basket for keys, etc. on the table in the entryway. Well, they weren't there today and I was freaking out, managed to find a super old spare (they are probably 6 years old) to wear to drive there. I could see to drive fine but couldn't read the radio screen without it being blurry, which was weird. I did a prayer to St. Anthony to find them when I got home, and they had fallen behind the table. WHEW.

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