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Going Pro Bead Shopping

2003-12-08, 6:17 p.m.

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Work was screwy today.

I was supposed to have training from 9 to noon this morning. Found out about 8:15 or so that uh, nope, they canceled it and signed me up for Thursday. I don't really care when I do it much, but not giving notice is really screwing with some people. Then the new people were supposed to go to their own training at 8 a.m. and around 8:30 someone came by looking for them because they weren't at training or here. (Turned out my boss had absconded with them elsewhere, heh) What a mess.

Also coming up is the holiday party on Monday, and one of the new chicks asked me what a White Elephant gift was. I explained, and well, she'd thought she'd have to go out and buy a white ceramic elephant. I forget what the other one had thought it was, but neither of them had heard of the concept, and both thought it sounded pretty stupid once they knew. You're SUPPOSED to give a crappy gift nobody will want? "If I wanted to give away stuff I didn't want, I would have already given it away to Goodwill." Amen to that. Though I have to say that if there's gift-giving, I prefer White Elephant to Secret Santa at the office, because (a) nobody knows you gave that gift, and (b) it's supposed to suck, as opposed to having to buy something nice and spending two weeks secretly trying to figure out what Betsy in accounting likes besides her grandchildren.

I showed them my gift and the name tags I'd used on it, and one of them wanted to use them too. Aww, I'm corrupting people!

The packages came today.

I half don't believe it. I don't think I will believe it until I actually see them.

Though I'm still about ready to write a letter like this one, except I fear it would do no good since the problem was with several idiot deliverymen.

I'll think about it.

Dave just got into a car accident. Some woman wandered out into traffic when she shouldn't have been, went in front of a truck, jumped away from the truck and promptly got hit by another car, which then knocked her in front of Dave's car. She's got a broken leg.

Lots of witnesses to say that it wasn't anyone's fault but the chick in the road's, paperwork is taken care of, blah de blah, car's not very damaged.

Hopefully this will turn out okay.

I am such a bead WHORE.

I think almost everyone who I sent stuff to on Wednesday has gotten it by now, and yet another person is all "Oooh, I ordered it for someone else but now I want one," so I offered to make her another too after the holidays. Fortunately hers was the easiest to get more beads of- the rest shall require travel and ordering, but hey, I've got a few weeks.

So I stocked up on stuff for other folks, as well as for the family members. I showed Mom this necklace and she wanted me to make her a necklace and earrings, AND do some of each for my cousin Tammy and Grandma. So I had to buy a shitload of Christmas trees, got some star beads for the tops of the trees, more gold, etc. I found some Acculon thread that Kethrai raves about, I got some chain...

I think somehow that I've managed to go pro here. Not only did one guy in the store get amazed I had my own Tupperware of beads, not only did I get 10 percent off my purchases because I went over on the discount amount, when Sue (one of the owners) spotted me she came right over and asked if I needed any materials. WOW.

Now that's... well, damn. Preferred customer?

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